A War Machine Solo Movie May Never Happen, No Matter How Much Fans Beg for It

Marvel fans have wanted a War Machine solo move for years. War Machine has become a fan favorite even with Terrence Howard’s controversial exit from the series. But since Don Cheadle took over the role, fans have never looked back.

The character of James “Rhodey” Rhodes is iconic in the comic books. Although he starts as just another side character like Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts, he soon outshone them and took on a life of his own.

Starting in Ironman 120, we began to see Tony Stark develop a severe addiction to alcohol until he can’t be Iron Man anymore. During this period, Rhodey steps up, dons the armor, and becomes the new Iron Man. He became such a popular character that even when Stark goes into recovery and takes back the mantle of Ironman, Rhodey reinvents himself as War Machine.

Once the MCU decided to include the character, it was only a matter of time before he became War Machine and, it was widely assumed, get his own movie.

But with Cheadle’s contract to play the character finished, will we ever see War Machine get the film he deserves?

Was Cheadle’s character underutilized?

Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Many blame the MCU for underutilized Cheadle’s talents. Reddit has been especially critical of the screen time given to War Machine, considering how well Cheadle plays him. War Machine is continuously named as the character fans would most like to see have his own movie despite how little he appears in the MCU. 

Most of the MCU characters got an origin story, but Rhodey wearing the War Machine outfit just shows up in Iron Man 2. Not only didn’t they explain a new actor playing Rhodey, War Machine just shows up to help Ironman with little explanation leaving many to feel that he deserved more of an origin story.

He got some character development in Captain America: Civil War, but it still wasn’t much. With the announcement that Disney would begin airing new MCU content on Disney +, however people finally feel like War Machine may get his big break.

Will War Machine be on Disney +?

Rumors have been circulating that War Machine may be getting his own show on Disney + along with Ironheart.

This would be an excellent time for that to happen. In the comic books, Rhodey stepped up when Stark became an alcoholic, and Ironheart stepped up when Stark transferred his consciousness into an AI.

With the MCU having just written Stark out of their continuity, this is a perfect time for these two to show up and take his place, but there is a considerable roadblock.

Does Cheadle want to continue the role?

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Cheadle wasn’t even sure he wanted to accept the role when Disney offered it to him. He was at his son’s birthday party when he got the offer for a six picture deal, but he realized that it was a long time commitment and nearly turned it down. He, of course, eventually decided to accept, but he may want to do other parts.

Of course, Marvel could recast Rhodey again and with Marvel, never say never, but by all accounts, Cheadle is well-liked by the MCU’s cast and is loved by the fans.

They already recast the character once, so recasting him again may just be an impossibility.

Will we finally get a War Machine movie?

Honestly, much depends on Cheadle. The MCU has hedged its bets where, if it wanted to, they could make Peter Parker the new Ironman leaving Cheadle to continue as War Machine or allow Rhodey to take Stark’s place as Falcon did to Captain America in the MCU.

It seems the future of a War Machine movie may be firmly in Cheadle’s hands.