A Wild Theory Says Mace Windu Had The Same Motives as Palpatine, And There Might Be Some Truth To It

Star Wars theories are always a good time. Well, for the most part. But when it comes to finding a hidden villain, it definitely is. A wild new theory from Reddit actually suggests that a major prequel Jedi had similar motives to Palpatine and aimed to take control of the Republic. While the Jedi had their many faults, that’s an interesting position. The Jedi went from peacekeepers to generals in the war; could they actually have gone to overlords of the state too?

Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) attacking Palpatine in 'Revenge of the Sith.'
Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) attacking Palpatine in ‘Revenge of the Sith’ | Lucafilm

The theory suggests Mace Windu really did want to overthrow Palpatine for control of the Senate

Inverse found the theory on Reddit from user u/ImpulsiveBeetle, and it states that Mace Windu nearly positioned himself in Palpatine’s place when he found out he was a Sith. 

I was watching Revenge of the Sith and noticed that much like how Palpatine said that the Jedi want to take over, Windu says in order to protect the Republic “the Jedi Council would have to take control of the Senate in order to secure a peaceful transition” when Palpatine is forced out of office. Although Yoda is the “Grandmaster” of the Jedi, Windu has the title of “Master of the Council,” meaning if the council were to take over the Senate, then he would have complete control of the Senate.


The user then stated that Windu’s desire to control the Senate was exactly the same as Palpatine’s original plan, except he “used the Jedi as an overall authority figure in his new age of the Republic” and not the Sith. It also states that Windu wanted to take Palpatine out before he found out he was a Sith. Not to destroy the Sith, but to get rid of a rival.

In the theory, it explains how at that time the Jedi were higher up on the authority chain because they were generals in the war now. “Windu used this new status in the clone wars to help establish the Jedi to a higher authority than they were before,” it reads. 

The theory also lays out similarities between Palpatine and Windu 

So, the logistics are there to possibly insinuate Windu wanted to control the Republic for personal gain. However, in Revenge of the Sith, it makes it out that Mace Windu sees no other way than for the Jedi to take over the Senate because Palpatine is a Sith. And that’s how it’s seen in canon. 

But the theory digs into the similarities between the two that are too big to overlook and could suggest Windu was just as nefarious as Palpatine. 

The post writes that Palpatine and Windu studied the Light Side and the Dark Side. Palpatine’s vast knowledge of the Dark Side was alarming to Anakin, but Windu also studied both sides. He was also a practitioner of Form VII fighting style or The Ferocity Form. This was a darker, more aggressive way of fighting and he was the only Jedi who used it and didn’t succumb to the Dark Side. As far as we know. 

Another major one is the parallel between what Windu and Palpatine both advise Anakin. “He was too dangerous to be kept alive” is something they tell him. Palpatine does it at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith when he tells Anakin to kill Count Dooku after he’s been disarmed (pun intended). Anakin knows it’s not the Jedi way, but does it anyway.

Windu says it during his fight with Palpatine, saying the chancellor had control of the Senate and court and would find a way to clear his name. While they both seem to come from different sides — Dark and Light — it’s rather interesting that they both say the same exact thing. 

Out of all of the Jedi, Anakin distrusted Mace Windu the most

Regardless of whether Mace Windu was gunning for control of the Republic for his personal gain or not, his relationship with Anakin definitely played a part in Anakin’s distrust in him. And by relationship, it’s also safe to say “or lack thereof.”

From the moment Anakin stepped foot in the Jedi Temple, Master Windu was not fond of the idea of letting him join. But that is understandable; Anakin was too old to begin training and carried a lot of fear and attachment in him because of that. On top of the fact that Anakin was prophesied to become a powerful Force user, Windu didn’t feel that it was wise to train him in the Jedi ways. 

This distrust between them also followed into Anakin’s adult years. Windu was a major proponent of banning Ahsoka from the Jedi Order in Season 5 of The Clone Wars. That was a major turning point for Anakin in his disillusionment with the Jedi and only added to any negative feelings he had toward Windu. 

And, of course, there’s the whole issue of Windu being the most firm about Anakin not getting a spot on the Jedi Council as well. It all leads to Anakin’s overall turn to the Dark Side, and it’s only fitting that he doesn’t trust Windu enough, and stops his assault on the chancellor. And the rest is history.