A$AP Rocky on Discovering Skincare at 14

A$AP Rocky made his major studio album debut in 2013. And since then, he’s become one of the most talked-about rappers in the game. Of course, more recently, he’s made headlines because he and Rihanna are expecting their first child. Now fans are discovering a video in which the couple discusses a subject near and dear to them both: skincare.

A$AP Rocky wears a purple jacket and Yankees hat while smiling at a Fenty Beauty event.
A$AP Rocky | Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A$AP Rocky has been dating Rihanna since 2020

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have reportedly been an item since 2020. The rapper confirmed their relationship in 2021, following years of rumors and speculation about him and Rihanna. And most fans seem to agree that the two stars make a lovely couple. After all, they have both developed passionate fan bases in their respective musical genres and become financial success stories.

Of course, Rihanna boasts a much larger fortune than A$AP Rocky. Her estimated net worth is reportedly $550 million to his $10 million. However, this has as much, if not more, to do with her business ventures outside of music. Rihanna has developed her own fragrances, started her own cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty in 2017, and has since introduced Fenty lingerie and skincare brands.

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The rapper opened up about his skincare routine

So it’s easy to see why skincare came up during a conversation A$AP Rocky and Rihanna had for GQ. The rapper even shared some insight into his own skincare routine. When Rihanna asked him how he cares for his own skin, A$AP Rocky revealed a fairly basic routine of showering, exfoliating, moisturizing, grooming, and trimming. However, even he admits he wasn’t as diligent in following those steps during the pandemic.

Going deeper, A$AP Rocky revealed he didn’t even really embrace skin care until he turned 14 or 15 years old when he discovered a cleanser his mother used. “I had to discover face cleansing and skincare all at the same time.” he told Rihanna, GQ, and tons of curious fans. A$AP Rocky even confessed he has “sensitive” skin, though he first teased Rihanna that his skin type was “handsome.”

A$AP Rocky reportedly follows a vegan diet

In the same conversation with Rihanna, A$AP Rocky confirmed he tries to be careful with what products he uses on his skin. And fans that know about the rapper’s lifestyle shouldn’t be surprised. After all, his diet has evolved over time from pescetarian to a full-on vegan. A$AP Rocky revealed his lifestyle choice in his 2019 single “Babushka Boi.” 

Although he and Rihanna have a lot in common, their diets are one way in which they differ. Still, it’s interesting to note how A$AP Rocky’s adherence to a strict diet falls in line with how he carefully considers his skincare routine.

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