‘Abbott Elementary’: Emmy Nominee Quinta Brunson Would ‘Be Honored to Lose to’ This Nominee

The ABC comedy Abbott Elementary was the big winner of the season. It became a hit show and got a second season order. Now Abbott Elementary is an Emmy nominee for the show and the cast. But, Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson wouldn’t mind losing to her favorite actors. 

'Abbott Elementary' Emmy nominee Quinta Brunson gives thumbs up in front of overturned desks
Quinta Brunson | Temma Hankin/AMC

Brunson was a guest on Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast on July 19. Discussing the Emmy nominations for Abbott Elementary, Brunson said she’s rooting for her competition. Abbott Elementary Season 2 returns Sept. 21.

‘Abbott Elementary’ star Quinta Brunson hopes Jean Smart wins the Emmy for ‘Hacks’

Brunson plays teacher Janine Teagues on Abbott Elementary. As the lead, she is nominated in the same Emmy category as Hacks star Jean Smart. Brunson’s co-star, Tyler James Williams, is up against Henry Winkler for Barry. Both Abbott Elementary Emmy nominees are rooting for the competition.

“I’m rooting for a bunch of people in my category which is dumb,” Brunson said on Little Gold Men. “I really think Jean Smart is amazing. I’d be honored to lose to her. That’s how I feel, seriously. Yeah, I don’t mind that. It’s funny, Tyler and I are both like, ‘Dude, we’re going to lose to Jean Smart and Henry Winkler.’ No, seriously. I love Jean.”

Quinta Brunson is also rooting for ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Insecure’ against ‘Abbott Elementary’ at the Emmys

Brunson also feels solidarity with her fellow creators. Since Issa Rae is nominated for Insecure’s final season, Brunson would be happy to see her win the Emmy instead of herself or Abbott Elementary. Likewise, the Ted Lasso team in their second year of Emmy nominations.


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“Issa, I’m so happy Issa is getting to get recognized for the last season of Insecure because she just did great work,” Brunson said. “I’m rooting for her. I’m always rooting for Issa. It never fails. Even when I’m up against her, I don’t care. If she wins, it’ll feel like I won too so that’s really cool. I’m rooting for Brett Goldstein. Love Brett and Ted Lasso. He’s just good people, the homey. Him winning is always a good thing.”

Quinta Brunson also roots for this competition

Brunson is clearly a television fan herself. Outside of Abbott Elementary, she has more Emmy picks. 

“Donald [Glover], would love to see Donald win for Atlanta,” Brunson said. “The entire cast of Yellowjackets, are they in there? They’re like a whole category. I love What We Do in the Shadows. I’m so happy to see What We Do in the Shadows nominated. I love that show. That was another one where they might not rec[ognize]. You never know how things are going to swing but I absolutely adore that show and I’m so happy that it’s nominated.”

Brunson said she has more favorite shows too, but unfortunately the Emmys overlooked them this year. But, if they were she’d end up rooting for even more competition for Abbott Elementary at the Emmys.

“That’s a lot,” Brunson said. “All my other favorites were snubbed.”