Why the Actors Who Play Young Kate and Young Tully in ‘Firefly Lane’ Look Familiar

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in Firefly Lane, which recently released a second season on Netflix. Because the drama series jumps around in time from 1970 to the present day, showrunners cast younger actors to play the childhood versions of Tully (Heigl) and Kate (Chalke). Meet Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye, who play the young versions of Kate and Tully in Firefly Lane, plus find out where you might have seen them before their roles in the popular Netflix series. 

Young Kate (Roan Curtis) and Young Tully (Ali Skovby) in the first season of 'Firefly Lane'
Roan Curtis as Young Kate and Ali Skovby as Young Tully | Netflix

Why Roan Curtis (Young Kate in ‘Firefly Lane’) looks familiar 

Curtis plays the teenage version of Kate Mularkey in the Netflix series. Firefly Lane isn’t Curtis’ first time on-screen. If you recognize the actor, you may have seen her in shows and movies like: 

  • Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer
  • The Good Doctor
  • Charmed
  • Daughter
  • In God I Trust
  • Girl on a Bus
  • The Magicians
  • 1922
  • Before I Fall
  • Shut Eye
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
  • Supernatural
  • Bionic Woman
  • Smallville
  • The L Word

Why Ali Skovbye (Young Tully in ‘Firefly Lane’) looks familiar 

Like her co-star, Firefly Lane isn’t Skovbye’s first time on-screen. If you think she looks familiar, you might have seen Skovbye as Rose in the TV movie Imperfect High or as Jeanne in The Corruption of Divine Providence. Skovbye also has acting credits in movies and TV shows like: 

  • The Gourmet Detective
  • Breakthrough
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • His Perfect Obsession
  • Extra-Ordinary Amy
  • When Calls the Heart
  • Secrets of My Stepdaughter
  • You Me Her
  • Campfire Kiss
  • Adventures in Babysitting
  • One Christmas Wish
  • No Men Beyond This Point
  • One Christmas Eve
  • The Goodbye Girl
  • Rocketship Misfits
  • Forever 16
  • Falling Skies
  • Motive
  • R.L. Stine’s the Haunting Hour
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Fringe
  • Supernatural
  • Newborn
  • Wishing Well
  • Joy
  • While I Breathe
  • Prime Meridian
  • Smallville
  • Sikat
  • Personal Effects

‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2 will explain more about Tully and Kate’s friendship 

Like the first season, season 2 of Firefly Lane will jump around in time. We’ll learn more about how Tully and Kate’s friendship evolved after Tully moves in with her grandmother in the 1970s, plus we’ll also get to see more from their 1980s timeline. Of course, season 2 will also dive into the divide between Tully and Kate and hopefully explain why Kate was so mad at her best friend at the end of the first season. 

Season 2 of Firefly Lane released the first nine episodes on Dec. 2, 2022. The 16-episode season will conclude sometime in 2023 when the remaining seven episodes are released. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on when to tune in to the second half of Firefly Lane Season 2. 

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