Adam Busby Reveals ‘OutDaughtered’ Premiere Date and Explains Why the Next Season Will Be Shorter Than Normal

OutDaughtered is returning to TV. But the new season of the Busby family’s reality show will look a little bit different from what viewers are used to. 

Season 5 of the TLC series premieres June 2. However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there will be fewer episodes and some self-shot material, Adam Busby revealed in a May 13 Instagram post. 

Fans can expect a shorter season of ‘OutDaughtered’ and a self-shot episode 

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Adam had already revealed in previous social media posts that the coronavirus situation had affected filming for the upcoming season of OutDaughtered. 

“Unfortunately we can’t exactly have a camera crew following us around and going places right now,” he explained to a fan in an Instagram post from early April. “This COVID-19 pandemic has set us back with being able to make any new episodes.”

“Hopefully this is over soon and everyone can get back to normal life and we can get back to making new episodes for you guys,” he added.

But the pandemic and associated lockdowns came after a significant chunk of the new season had already been filmed, so all was not lost. Still, adjustments did need to be made. 

“It will be a shorter season than normal because of the current world situation,” Adam explained in his May 13 post. “[B]ut there will be an entirely SELF-SHOT episode from us this season all about what life has been like for us during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

The Busbys’ lives get more complicated on this season of ‘OutDaughtered’ 

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With six kids — including their nearly five-year-old quintuplets and older daughter Blayke — life was already plenty complicated for Adam and his wife Danielle Busby. But as the girls get older, things are getting more hectic. 

The season kicks off with Adam planning to bring all six of his girls to a special father-daughter dance. But reality sinks in as he and Danielle question whether he can handle all the kids on his own. Things are also getting trickier on the school front, with Riley moving ahead to kindergarten before her sisters. 

Later, the Busbys head to Wyoming for a family vacation. Blayke and the quints (Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel) see snow for the first time and try their hand at skiing. But when they head back to Texas, they discover the world is changing due to the novel coronavirus. Adam and Danielle face the prospect of quarantine with quintuplets. They also have to adapt as the virus upends everything from Easter and birthday plans to a potential eye procedure for Hazel. With the Lone Star state transitioning into lockdown mode, the camera crews head home. The members of the Busby family end up behind the camera as they turn to self-shot footage for the season’s final episode. 

OutDaughtered Season 5 premieres Tuesday, June 2 at 9/8c on TLC.