Adam Driver Couldn’t ‘Keep It Together’ While Filming This Scene in ‘Girls’

Adam Driver has been called an intense actor. Despite playing various roles outside of that description throughout his career and his hilarious performances on Saturday Night Live, Driver continues to be categorized as such.

Perhaps it’s due to his background. The former military man became widely known after appearing in Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls. Although the actor takes his job very seriously, there was one instance that had Driver laughing uncontrollably behind the scenes. 

Adam Driver, who once couldn't stop laughing on the set of 'Girls'
Adam Driver | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

‘Girls’ turned Adam Driver into a sex symbol

In 2012, Dunham introduced the world to Adam Sackler, Hannah Horvath’s quirky, carpentry-loving, emotionally lacking boyfriend in Girls. And though he seemed like a secondary character, Driver’s performance quickly turned Adam into one of the HBO series’ leading roles. “Without Driver in the role, Adam the character would never have become as central to the show as he is now,” Dunham admitted to Newsweek

His acting also earned Driver a new title. Since his appearance on Girls, Driver has become known as a sex symbol to many. Though the actor has nothing to say about his sex symbol status, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s considered one by the masses. 

Adam Driver’s first sex scene was in ‘Girls’ 

As a show referred to as the Sex and the City for MillennialsGirls features a lot of sex. And playing the lead’s love interest meant plenty of sex scenes for Driver, who had never filmed one before. 

Girls was the first sex scene I’d ever done,” Driver told Newsweek. “I thought, ‘This is weird! People are filming this, and usually I do this privately.’” 

Fortunately, the sex in Girls was never gratuitous. “If it was just sexual things for the sake of being sexual, then that would make me uncomfortable,” Driver explained. “But it was part of the storytelling that Lena was going for.” Still, while Driver said there was “so much storytelling happening in the sex scenes,” there’s one the actor struggled to get through without laughing.

Adam Driver ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ in the ‘Girls’ Season 3 episode ‘Role-Play’ 

By season 3, Adam and Hannah’s relationship began to drift. While she was focused on her writing, Hannah still emphasized her relationship with Adam. Meanwhile, Adam had just landed a role in a Broadway play and, being Adam Sackler, was putting his all into it. 

In an attempt to pull Adam back into their relationship, Hannah decided to give roleplaying a try. She met Adam at a bar wearing a wig pretending to be a hedge fund manager’s wife. Shooting those scenes was difficult for Driver, who couldn’t stop laughing because of Dunham.


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“It’s always fun shooting Girls, but that sequence — I tried to do a good job of staying focused,” he told Daily Beast. “I just remember losing it so many times because I thought Lena was pretty genius in the way she plays it.”

For Driver, it was “really hard to keep it together” because of the funny and talented Dunham. “The first time they meet at the bar when she was trying things out while we were shooting it, I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Eventually, Driver was able to stifle his laughter. Watching that episode back, he doesn’t appear even close to cracking.