Who Is Adam Pally’s Wife?

Aspiring actors often have more than one job, if only to pay the bills until they make it big. Adam Pally has enjoyed plenty of success, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on multiple projects at once. However, the busy actor/comic/writer has more than his career to keep him busy. He’s also been married since 2008, and he’s a father too. Who is Pally’s wife? Here’s what we know. 

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Adam Pally’s eclectic career

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Pally has the kind of career that seems to be going in a thousand directions at once. According to People Pill, he’s done a lot of work in improv and sketch comedy shows, something he still enjoys today. He’s a member of a sketch comedy group called Chubby Skinny Kids as well as the improv group Hot Sauce. His comedy skills led him to work in acting, and he’s appeared in a number of movies, including Iron Man 3, Assassination of a High School President, Taking Woodstock, and Slow Learners.

He also starred in Making History and the ABC comedy series Happy Endings. When that show ended in 2013, he joined the cast of The Mindy Project. Recently he’s appearing in the TV series Indebted. Pally has also written for and appeared in the Adult Swim series NTSF:SD:SUV, and he contributes to the website Funny or Die, with a series called Riding Shotgun with Adam Pally. That’s a lot of different hats for one man to wear. But Pally has one more role that means a lot to him: family man. 

Who is Adam Pally’s wife?

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The New York Times reports that in July 2008, Pally married Daniella Liben. Back then, Pally was just starting his career and was described as “an actor in television commercials.” Liben owned a boutique in New Jersey for women, called Ruby. She may have given up the store, however, because these days the couple lives in California. They have two children, a son named Cole who was born in 2012, and a daughter, GG, who was born the following year. Having been happily wed for almost 13 years makes the Pallys’ marriage unusual in Hollywood. They are the only ones who really know what their secret is to lasting love, but perhaps their history holds a clue. The couple’s love story started a long time before their wedding. 

How they met

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In 2018, Pally appeared with other members of the Dog Days cast in a YouTube video for Wired. The actors answered some of the most asked questions about them from Google, and Pally fielded one about his wife. To the question “Who is Adam Pally’s wife?” he gave a romantic response. “My wife is my high school sweetheart,” he explained. Then he followed up with a joke, taking credit for their long-lasting love. “Because I’m such a dang cute little nugget and I love romance.”

If the couple fell in love in high school, that means that their relationship has lasted for more than two decades. While not all teen romances last that one, the ones that do are often pretty strong. Pally and his wife seem to be in the long-lasting category of high school sweethearts. Whether their marriage has stayed strong because he’s such a “dang cute little nugget” or they share even more important things, they seem to be devoted to each other. It’s a sweet story, because he’s not the only one who loves romance.