Adele: Her Rumored Boyfriend Skepta’s Net Worth, and Does He Have Children?

Shortly after superstar Adele’s announcement of divorce from husband Simon Konecki, the rumors started flying about the 31-year-old’s supposed romance with British rapper and songwriter Skepta (real name Joseph Adenuga). Neither artist has confirmed or denied their relationship so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Skepta | Edward Berthelot/GC Images

In the meantime, here’s what we know about Skepta’s net worth, as well as whether the 37-year-old has children.

Skepta’s eyebrow-raising photoshoot with Naomi Campbell

Another Brit that Skepta has been romantically linked with is model Naomi Campbell. Their GQ cover of last year only intensified speculation that the two were a couple.

Campbell opened up last week about the GQ cover with Skepta, in which both gorgeous people were stripped down to their underwear for the very intimate photo.

“Well can I tell you a secret about that, which I hope Skeppy won’t mind? Junior actually, I don’t call him Skepta, I call him Junior,” shared Campbell with Manny Norte on Capital Xtra’s The Norte Show. “We basically did that shoot on our own, it wasn’t for any publication, and once I saw the pictures I was like “No, no, no we should come out.”

“And so then I started making some calls. It wasn’t like I was going to wait months for it to come out – it’s either got to come out in the next few or it ain’t coming out at all. . .”

The pair look very comfortable with one another in the photo, no awkwardness there. The 2018 rumors that Campbell, who unbelievably is 49, and Skepta were dating were only fanned by the GQ cover.

Does Skepta have children?

Last year, while rumors were swirling of his supposed romance with Campbell, the Shutdown rapper posted on Instagram a 3D ultrasound scan (which has since been removed from his account) of his, at that point, unborn “guardian angel.”

It was assumed that Campbell was the mother of the child, until she commented on the scan, “beautiful angel bless” and posted a photo of herself on her own account, in a tiny bikini, dispelling any thoughts of her ever having been pregnant.

The British artist seems to be intensely private about his family. Not very much is known about the child’s mother, except that she experienced miscarriages prior to this successful pregnancy, which produced the couple’s daughter, River.

He shared with his sister Julie Adenuga for Apple Music’s Beats 1 how hard it was to keep the pregnancy from their brother, Jamie (JME) because he was concerned about a third miscarriage. The Ignorance is Bliss singer wanted to wait to announce the pregnancy until it was far enough along to be considered safe.

“So on the third one, I didn’t tell no one for a time until it got to a time when I could tell. So we were in the studio and Jamie was leaving, so I’m like, “Oi Jamie, come let me chat to you.” I’m like, “yute, man, I’m having a yute, bruv. Actually having a baby, bruv, this time.”

Skepta’s net worth

The artist’s net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is $2 million.

“. . . it’s a weird feeling getting to the point where everything you said that you wanted to do as a kid, you’ve done it,” he told in 2017. “These aren’t material things, they’re things I’ve wanted to do for my city as a musician. I love seeing how things are now; artists sharing stages and collaborating, you know what I mean? It’s beautiful.”

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