Adorable Dog Dubbed the ‘Midsommer Dog’ Takes Over Reddit

A24’s Midsommar is a divisive piece of horror filmmaking, but the conversation continues to stir since its 2019 release date. Moviegoers continue to create memes and make references to the trippy movie. It caused so much noise thanks to its bizarre imagery and transcendent lead performance. The Midsommar dog is now taking over Reddit for its adorable costume. It’s a celebration of both the movie and the real-life holiday festivities.

‘Midsommar’ defines a whole season

'Midsommar' Florence Pugh as Dani screaming and crying surrounded by other women imitating her screaming and crying
Florence Pugh as Dani | A24

Midsommar follows Dani (Florence Pugh), who tags along with her boyfriend, Christian (Jack Reynor), on a trip to Sweden with his friends. They’re expecting an array of midsummer festivities to write a thesis on. However, they soon discover that the dream-like retreat turns into a pagan cult’s increasingly violent and bizarre ritual. A fun vacation turns into a fight to escape with their very lives.

The A24 horror movie quickly generated plenty of conversation surrounding its violence and the summer festivities that it’s based on. It even inspired plenty of Halloween costumes that sported Dani’s colorful flower crown to Christian’s bear suit, which became a popular couples’ costume pair. And now, we have the Midsommar dog that continues the iconic imagery. However, not everybody loves how the movie went to define the holiday for many non-celebrating audiences.

‘Midsommar dog’ is taking over Reddit

Reddit has a wide array of pet pictures that users gush over, but there’s one that introduces the Midsommar dog. The original picture shows a happy-looking pup with a crown of flowers, which is reminiscent of Dani’s larger flower crown in the horror movie. The message attached to the image read: “Midsommar dog says hello!” The post quickly earned several awards on the social media platform and a whole lot of upvotes, ultimately making it to the website’s front page.

The combination of a disturbing horror movie, such as Midsommar, and a cute dog is exactly what these Redditors love to see. However, it also celebrates the special holiday that the popular movie now often represents for many folks. Some Swedish audiences don’t appreciate how the film depicts the holiday and the stigma that it results in. Some responses joke about its relation to the movie, where trickery is a common practice. Otherwise, Reddit is swooning over the adorable Midsommar dog.

Reddit reacts to ‘Midsommar dog’

One of the most upvoted comments in response to the Midsommar dog on Reddit makes a reference to the film’s brutal ending. The Redditor wrote: “Is she going to sew me into a bear because if so, no thank you.” It’s a clear nod to the conclusion where Christian is sewn into a bear before he’s burnt alive. Another Redditor responded: “She will, especially if you piss on the ancestral tree.”

Other commenters wrote that they much prefer the photo of the Midsommar dog over the horror movie itself, which terrified them. An adorable pup is always an excellent way to celebrate the summer solstice.

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