After ‘Fixer Upper’: Who Will Take Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Place As Your New Favorite HGTV Couple?

Not many HGTV stars turn into mainstream celebrities, but Chip and Joanna Gaines have become one of the most-loved couples in America. Now, they’re everywhere we look: From social media to magazine covers to their home goods line at Target. We just can’t get enough of them, which is why it was so hard to say goodbye to their hit show, Fixer Upper, at the end of Season 5.

Once Chip and Joanna leave HGTV, we’ll all have to find a new couple to obsess over. We think these 15 home renovation couples have a chance at stealing your heart, leading up to the No. 1 couple you’re guaranteed to love.

15. Lauren and David Liess

Lauren and David Liess in a black and white photo.

Their show is quite different from others. | David Liess via Instagram

Lauren and David Liess have something different about them, which could make them your new favorite HGTV couple. While most shows on the network typically follow a similar premise — house hunting followed by the renovation journey — Best House on the Block takes a fresh, new approach.

Lauren has an interior design and textiles company, so their show “focuses their efforts on tailoring clients’ homes to their specific needs and styles,” according to Country Living Magazine.

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14. Christina and Tarek El Moussa

Christina and Tarek working on their show.

Married or not, their fans still love them. | HGTV

OK, so Christina and Tarek El Moussa may no longer be a couple, but they still manage to make their on-screen dynamic work. They announced their separation in December 2016, and many feared that Flip or Flop would be over for the exes.

Instead, according to E! News, “ratings and ad sales for the show skyrocketed.” They’ve always been one of HGTV’s favorite couples, but now, we admire them for handling their public divorce in such a civil manner, while continuing to work together and raise their two children, Taylor and Brayden.

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13. Jessie and Tina Rodriguez

Jessie and Tina Rodriguez smiling in a kitchen.

If you love vintage homes, then you’ll love these two. | Vintageflip via Instagram

If you recognize Jessie and Tina Rodriguez, but haven’t seen their show, Vintage Flip, we may know why. They were actually first introduced to the HGTV screen by making an appearance on Flip or Flop with the El Moussas.

Now, the college sweethearts turned co-workers are flipping their own homes across Claremont, California. According to Closer Weekly, “They renovate old, vintage homes and give them a modern but respectable flip.”

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12. Kortney and Dave Wilson

Kortney Wilson hugging her partner tightly.

They share tons of cute moments. | Kortney Wilson via Instagram

Kortney and Dave Wilson of Masters of Flip definitely have that amazing dynamic between each other that you’ll surely miss once Fixer Upper is over. Based out of Nashville, the couple is known to “banter over budget, design, and construction while flipping old Nashville houses,” as described by Country Living Magazine.

Their bantering is all in good spirit, however, and you can feel their love for each other through the screen.

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11. Anita and Ken Corsini

Anita and Ken Corsini posing in front of black pillars.

They create breathtaking spaces. | Ken Corsini via Instagram

Now that Flip or Flop has been extended to a number of different cities, we have plenty more home renovation couples to fall in love with. Anita and Ken Corsini are the faces of Flip or Flop Atlanta, which was a huge hit with HGTV viewers.

They might give you flashbacks of the Gaineses, because, like Joanna, Anita is called to duty for all the design decisions — which always come out fabulously.

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10. Linda Phan and Drew Scott

Linda and Drew pose together on a red carpet.

They’re tackling homes as a power couple. | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

It seems like the Property Brothers have no limit to the possibilities of their HGTV shows. In November 2017, Drew Scott and his fiancée, Linda Phan, became the faces of Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House.

The show follows the couple’s journey in renovating their house to share as newlyweds, providing plenty of cute moments for you to obsess over.

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9. Aubrey and Bristol Marunde

Aubrey and Bristol Marunde smiling together in front of a winter backdrop.

Another couple that loves to transform homes. | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Los Cerritos Center

If all-out glam is your thing, you’ll love Aubrey and Bristol Marunde’s jaw-dropping transformations on Flip or Flop Vegas. Aubrey, the real estate mogul of the pair, might have a different design eye from Joanna’s more rustic style, but the couples actually have a lot in common.

You’ll still get some #DemoDay excitement from Bristol, and according to HGTV’s website, they have enough pets to fill a mini-zoo — so you won’t have to miss Chip and Joanna’s farm too much.

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8. Eric and Lindsey Bennett

Eric and Lindsey Bennet stand inside a room as they work.

They love a good challenge. | Desertflippers via Instagram

Eric and Lindsey Bennett definitely put the “desert” in Desert Flippers. While renovating homes across the desert of Palm Springs, California, they often face unique obstacles, such as scorpions or 100-plus degree temperatures.

Closer Weekly has deemed the Bennetts an “HGTV power couple,” considering their ability to flip up to 20 homes per year, all while raising their three sons.

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7. Liz and Mark Perez

Liz and Mark Perez posing in front of a house.

Liz and Mark Perez are skilled at creating amazing homes. | HGTV

Flip or Flop Chicago may have started out as Chicago Flippers, but one thing has stayed the same: The super-lovable couple taking on flipping the Chicago homes that need it most, Liz and Mark Perez.

Like Chip and Joanna, the homes they renovate turn from the worst house on the block to a dream home.

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6. Tyson and Michelle Spiess

Tyson and Michelle Spiess posing for a cute photo in front of a home.

They’re known for decorating and renovating tiny homes. | Michelle Spiess via Instagram

Have you ever thought, “I could never live in a tiny home”? If so, Tyson and Michelle Spiess will change your mind. As the faces of HGTV’s Tiny Luxury, this couple builds tiny homes from scratch with high-end designs and makes the most out of minimal square footage.

With Michelle’s brothers and their wives often stepping in to help, you’ll definitely get that “family” feel you already know and love from Chip and Joanna.

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5. Clint and Kelly Harp

Clint and Kelly Harp's selfie.

This couple has a lot of experience and expertise. | Kelly Harp via Instagram

If you were a devoted Fixer Upper fan, you already know Clint Harp. He served as Chip and Joanna’s carpenter for years in Waco, Texas, so his new show will definitely help fill that Fixer Upper-shaped hole in your heart.

Clint will be starring alongside his wife, Kelly, in an all-new series on the DIY Network called Wood Work. Country Living Magazine pointed out, “Like Chip and Joanna, Kelly and Clint went to Baylor University, and they have a cute family of their own.”

They added that “similar to Magnolia Market, the husband and wife have Harp Design Co., filled with furniture and other home decor items and run by Kelly, who has her own design line.”

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4. Andy and Ashley Williams

Andy and Ashley William talking to the camera in front of a home.

Their work is so satisfying. | Startelegramvideo via YouTube

You’ll definitely get your Fixer Upper satisfaction out of Flip or Flop Ft. Worth, starring Andy and Ashley Williams. You basically get the best of both worlds out of HGTV — it’s set only about an hour and a half from Waco, Texas, and you’ll be able to enjoy the familiarity of the Flip or Flop franchise.

You’re guaranteed to be reminded of Chip and Joanna’s renovation strategies, too: Andy is the handyman, while Ashley takes over to design the homes for buyers to love.

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3. Ashley and Barrett Gilbreath

Ashley, Barrett and their family posing in front of a brick wall.

Their family always comes first! | Barett Gillbreath via Instagram

If you haven’t yet fallen in love with HGTV couple Ashley and Barrett Gilbreath, you should turn on an episode of Sweet Home Renovation, stat. They’re another southern couple, based out of Alabama, who share Chip and Joanna’s belief that family comes first.

After losing their first two twin children at birth, Ashley refocused her energy on opening up her home design store, Parish. She’s expressed, “So much good has come out of their little lives.” Now, the Gilbreaths are parents to three children: Cates, Barrett Jr., and Liza.

Ashley, like Chip and Joanna, doesn’t spend time watching TV. She admitted that when they were approached about an HGTV show, she said, “We need to know what’s out there. What’s that show? Fixer Upper-something? Turn that on, let me watch and see what these things are about.”

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2. Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins

Deron Jenkins and Paige on a news segment.

They’re a great team. | DeRon Jenkins via Instagram

Likely inspired by Christina and Tarek El Moussa’s ability to work together after their split, HGTV brought a new set of exes to the screen: Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins. As the stars of Flip or Flop Nashville, they’ve truly proven their own philosophy: “We work great together. We just didn’t work great together.”

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1. Erin and Ben Napier

Erin and Ben doing reconstructive work on a wall.

They love renovating homes together. | Ben Napier via Instagram

If your favorite part about Fixer Upper was Chip and Joanna’s love for their small southern town, you’ll love Erin and Ben Napier on Home Town. This show is all about restoring historical homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi — and the couple has every bit of southern charm you’d hope for.

With Erin as an artist and Ben as a handy craftsman, this dynamic duo became instantly lovable HGTV stars.

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