‘Agent Carter’ Fans Want More Episodes, a Major Steve Rogers Return

Marvel has already dominated the movie industry for more than a decade now with its 24-film Avengers franchise. Now, fans are getting a collection of wonderful spinoffs in the form of several TV series on Disney Plus. Before there was Disney Plus, however, there was ABC’s Agent Carter that started strong but would be cut short after only two seasons.

Despite a decline in ratings, fans and the leading lady herself aren’t against MCU expanding the secret agent’s story with more episodes. Fans are considering other series, and Hayley Atwell is happy to keep playing Peggy Carter — given the series makes these few changes.

A quick recap on Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ 

HAYLEY ATWELL | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The Agent Carter TV series came after Peggy’s appearances in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger and 2013’s Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter. The show explores the secret agent’s experiences after losing the love of her life, which consists of working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) and helping Howard Stark on her off time. 

The strong and independent lead often outsmarted and beat her male counterparts — empowering and inspiring female viewers in the process. Her secret spy work often got her into some trouble, but it was never something the tough MCU agent couldn’t handle.

During its time in the spotlight, Agent Carter changed the Marvel Universe for the better. Not only did it introduce Marvel’s first female lead on TV, but it also added more context to the universe that has been overshadowed by popular superheroes that have been stealing the show in big-name movies and shows. 

Why ABC canceled the Marvel show before its third season

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While you may automatically assume low viewership ratings were the sole reason Agent Carter got canceled in 2016, there’s another reason behind the cancellation you may not have thought of.

According to Council of Zoom, “The series’ low ratings certainly didn’t help the show’s chances of survival, but there’s more to the story. Atwell revealed that ABC wanted to use her talents in something more mainstream.”

On another note, many fans blame the cancellation on bad marketing.

More people are open to the idea of Peggy coming back to small screens

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In a Reddit post about Atwell possibly being open to another series, given it has more ‘social weight’ and ’emotional gravitas,’ fans chimed in with some ideas.

One respondent brought up how there is still potential because they never even got the chance to bring up S.H.I.E.L.D in the first two seasons, and the show’s “cancellation was absolutely tragic.”

Another commenter added, “They could even end the show by revealing it takes place in the new timeline created by Steve when he went back in time since the Russos said Cap went back to around 1949.”

“It’s really wonderful when I see these online campaigns of bringing Peggy back, and I think that’s just fantastic. You know, it’s not something I can ever dream of happening 10 years ago when I first played her in the first Avenger,” Atwell told IGN in an interview. “I will certainly consider it. I would just think that it would have to be something that we haven’t seen, something bigger – something necessary to extend that.”

No response has been announced on whether MU intends to bring back Agent Carter on Disney Plus, but it certainly seems like the word is spreading quickly. With talks of the idea expanding past fans and into the leading lady’s ears, we can only hope someone has the inspiration to keep Peggy’s story going. Considering what Disney Plus has done with WandaVision and the anticipation for Loki, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.