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Long before The Office or House of Cards made it to America, Doctor Who was one of the world’s most popular television series.

The time-travel adventure series focuses on a series of Doctors of unknown origin as they protect the world from a wide array of threats. Like James Bond before him, figuring out the next Doctor is a game for many fans. As they look ahead, many want to see a Marvel veteran take on the phone booth next. 

Doctors in the house

According to the BBCDoctor Who has been a steady presence in British television since the Beatles made their first American trip.

Since then, with a brief break in the 1990s, the hit British science-fiction show has taken many forms. Doctor Who is less a name and more of a title given to the mysterious race of time-travelers throughout. It started in black and white, watched the television shift toward grit in the seventies, and continued adapting with the times today. 

The first doctor, William Hartnell, bore the title for four years in the sixties. Since then, 13 different actors have taken on the label and put their brand upon the now-iconic franchise. From Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor in the seventies to Tom Baker’s seven-year run with the character leading into the 1980s, everyone has their take on the concept. 

The series went through several more until a resurgence in 2005. That was when David Tennant began the five-year run that made him a household name. The series was as popular as ever. After Tennant left the show, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi took the role. After a male-dominated run lasting nearly 60 years, Jodie Whittaker made history when she took on the current Doctor’s form in 2017. 

Looking toward the future, fans are already debating what comes next for their favorite time-traveling Doctor. 

‘Agents of SHIELD’ fans chime in

Speaking about De Caestecker’s memorable turn in Agents of Shield, Reddit users pondered what was next for the Scottish-born actor. While the Marvel series could be hit or miss when it comes to the effectiveness and the drive of its superpowered cast, De Caestecker’s Fitz was a fan favorite throughout his run. He was funny, intelligent, and complicated by some previous tragedies that left him with brain damage. 

This multi-dimensional archetype is ripe for a jaunt over to Doctor Who. Users on Reddit have already planted the seed, as well. 

“I always wanted him to be the next Doctor Who,” wrote u/That_Guy333While many agreed with the sentiment. Many see bigger things for the actor as his status rises in the entertainment industry.

“I did too, till I saw the last two seasons. He’s too good for it now,” wrote KYLO733.

U/Pir-o sees the actor in the popular British series, but not in the titular role. 

“Not sure about him being the Doctor, But I could totally see him as Doctor Who’s companion,” they wrote.

After all, While Dr. Who is the show’s main protagonist, the sidekicks often do the dirty work. The Watson to Dr. Who’s Sherlock, these characters may be the most influential people in the missions that the iconic British time traveler takes.

However, while all of this is sheer speculation, De Caestecker is already building himself an impressive resume that could give it legs if he keeps it up.

Who is Iain De Caestecker? Is there a chance?

IAIN DE CAESTECKER | Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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According to IMDb, De Caestecker made his mainstream debut in 2000’s The Little Vampire, when he was just 12 years old. While hardly a hit, this gave him the boost he needed to break into the mainstream. However, it was in the 2001 television series that De Caestecker broke out in a big way. There, he played Adam Barlow for the next three years and 54 episodes. 

De Caestecker spent the next few years as a journeyman of British television, but in 2013, he made his big American breakout in Agents of Shield as Fitz. With the series going off the air in 2020, De Caestecker could take on Doctor Who’s role, but there are no current plans to have him do so. With an empty slate ahead, however, perhaps the fans can get their way. Until then, they will have toAcc watch reruns of Agents of SHIELD