Ahsoka Faces Even More Problems in ‘The Clone Wars’ Episode 6, “Deal or No Deal” — Review

We are halfway done with the final season of The Clone Wars and it’s going by fast. With a shortened season and regular 20+ minute episodes, it’s almost a little too fast. But, alas, we get what we get, so we have to cherish every moment. And in this episode, Ahsoka finds herself in an uncomfortable and unsafe situation thanks to Rafa. Neither Martez sister is particularly savvy when it comes to the galaxy, which can be a bit taxing on not only Ahsoka but the audience as well. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for The Clone Wars Episode 6].

Ahsoka, Rafa, and Trace on their way to Kessel for a special pickup, 'The Clone Wars.'
Ahsoka, Rafa, and Trace on their way to Kessel for a special pickup, ‘The Clone Wars’ | Disney+

Ahsoka spends more time with Rafa and Trace and it’s clear they’re both very naive and risky

The last episode ended with Ahsoka making the decision to leave the Martez sisters as soon as her speeder bike was up and running. But in the first few minutes of this episode, you can see her and Trace bonding more. Trace convinces her to stay a bit longer for safety reasons, but also their friendship is growing fast. While it really isn’t safer with Trace and Rafa, as the rest of the episode shows, it’s clear that Ahsoka also wants to stay with Trace a tad longer. 

The title card for this episode reads, “Mistakes are valuable lessons often learned too late.” Well, Rafa brings her sister and Ahsoka into a major mistake with her latest scheme to make money.

This dynamic between Ahsoka and the sisters is hilarious to watch. Ahsoka has way more experience and know-how than they could even imagine but has to somewhat hold it back. She gets frustrated with both of them for not listening to her advice, but she is also more interested in helping them out than bailing because that’s just who Ahsoka is. 

Anakin and Ahsoka share a moment through the Force

One of the shortest moments in the episode, but possibly one of the most profound, is the brief scene with Ahsoka and Anakin. When Trace mistakenly enters a military lane when flying out of Coruscant, Anakin Skywalker just so happens to be on the planet, in the patrol tower. They’re almost arrested, but Ahsoka and Anakin share a moment through the Force where it seems like they sense each other. I mean, it’s obvious that they sense each other, but it’s not entirely clear if Ahsoka knows he’s there. 

However, it does seem like Anakin realizes Ahsoka is on that ship. Dave Filoni said in 2016 that Anakin and his former Padawan know each other so well that you can “kind of tell where they are in the Force.” Filoni equated it to when a parent gets a feeling that their child is in trouble even if they’re not near them. “So you extend that to the Force… and there’s always this feeling that Anakin’s around, that he’s alive, that things are going on.”

While not exactly a reunion — yet — it’s the closest we’re going to get right now. And if that pulled at your heartstrings, imagine when they do meet again. It’s kind of like when you’re really hungry and craving chocolate cake, then you have a small sliver of it and are dying to eat the rest. Their reunion can’t come soon enough.

But does this scene with Anakin open a plot hole?

This actually opens up a debate on whether this scene is a plot hole. Anakin is away in the Outer Rim Sieges for months before Revenge of the Sith. This is why his alone time holo-chatting with Padmé was so important in Episode 2. And while the audience can see Padmé is pregnant, it’s not clear if Anakin can. But considering Revenge of the Sith is his first time learning of it in canon, it’s safe to assume he can’t tell from his point of view and Padmé is waiting to tell him in person. 

So, for him to be back on Coruscant would definitely retcon that. However, Dave Filoni and The Clone Wars in general are really good about keeping with canon. Anakin didn’t even meet General Grievous for six seasons so as not to ruin his first meeting with him in Revenge of the Sith.

With this in mind, Padmé is probably off-planet on an assignment or speaking engagement, as she does often. Or… it is a plot hole and we’ll learn more about it later. It’s not an insanely big deal, but something to notice and ponder for sure.  

Essentially, Ahsoka is way more experienced and will have to carry this group to safety somehow

The job Rafa takes is to run spice from Kessel to the Pyke clan. Now, the inclusion of the Kessel run was a major shoutout for fans, since it called out to an iconic line from the original trilogy. I mean, did you know that Han Solo made the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs? Rounding up, of course. 

Ahsoka and the Martez sisters encounter the Pyke Syndicate.
Ahsoka and the Martez sisters encounter the Pyke Syndicate | Disney+

Even before they made it to Kessel, Ahsoka was against it and wary of what the implications could be. Her worries were confirmed when the shady Yaruba family wasn’t upfront about where it was going. It turns out they have to deliver it to the Pykes who, if you remember, are allegedly responsible for killing Master Sifo-Dyas, among other horrible things. Not to mention, Kessel uses slaves for their spice mining. But Ahsoka acknowledges that the Republic lets too many things slip under their noses. She would know, having fought for it for years before leaving. 

Audiences learned a lot of lessons in this episode. For one, the Martez sisters are super reckless and very ready to turn a blind eye to trouble. Not only that, but Trace is very immature and very one-track-minded about her ship. She is also… pretty useless when it comes to using common sense or getting out of tough situations.  

While Ahsoka leading the charge is very rewarding to see again, it got a little frustrating to watch her interact with the Martez sisters and their incompetency. For all Rafa goes on about being a charismatic dealer and whatnot, she’s just as amateur as Trace. 

We’re heading into the third episode of this four-episode arc next week. Something to look forward to is Ahsoka’s run-in with Bo-Katan in the coming episodes, and her presence on Mandalore. Not to mention all of the reunions to come.