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There can sometimes be too much anxiety-inducing news every day with the pandemic going on. But having strong heroes to look up to — outside of real-life ones like doctors, nurses, and grocery workers — always helps. That’s where Star Wars: The Clone WarsAhsoka Tano comes in. After years of waiting, the character is finally back on the series, and at a time when fans need a hero to pick them up. And the voice of Ahsoka shared her character’s much-needed advice for us. 

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars,' at the Disney+ Pavilion at Disney’s D23 EXPO 2019.
Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ at the Disney+ Pavilion at Disney’s D23 EXPO 2019 | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney+

Ahsoka Tano is always one to help out those in need

While appearing on SYFY WIRE’s Jabba the Pod podcast on March 19, Ashley Eckstein talked about her character’s return. Eckstein is the original voice of Ahsoka and has always been a beacon of light for the Star Wars community as a whole. She also talked about a line that resonated with her, even before the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We’re not allowed to keep our scripts, but I did break a rule and took a screenshot of one line,” she said. “And I decided that was going to be my personal motto for 2020… We heard it a little differently in the trailer yesterday, but when I recorded it, the line was, ‘In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them. No matter what. I guess it’s just who I am.’”

The trailer was for Ahsoka’s Season 7 debut in Episode 5, which came out March 20. Ahsoka has always been someone on the front lines, determined to make a difference. Whether that was during her early days when she was a little too gung-ho, or in the series’ latter days as a leader to youngling Padawans. Ahsoka helped wherever she could and was a kind soul through and through. 

Eckstein was already planning on making a “personal ode to George Lucas” by giving back through this new The Clone Wars season. It’s something he often did when the show premiered or had events. But now, with everything going on in the world, it’s never been more important to heed Ahsoka’s call. 

‘We all need Ahsoka right now,’ Eckstein said

Ahsoka’s line about helping people is always important. But Eckstein pointed out how eerily relevant it is now. 

“Well, fast forward. Nobody ever saw this coming. The coronavirus and everything being shut down,” Eckstein said. “And when the trailer debuted yesterday and we heard Ahsoka, that line was in the trailer, and Ahsoka talking about helping people no matter what. I think that resonates with all of us right now. And I think we all can make that our personal motto.”

Ahsoka Tano in Season 7, Episode 5 of 'The Clone Wars,' "Gone With a Trace."
Ahsoka Tano in Season 7, Episode 5 of ‘The Clone Wars,’ “Gone With a Trace” | Disney+

Eckstein pointed out that the key to getting through something as big as this is by bolstering people, whether that’s monetarily or emotionally. And it does help to have such a strong character like Ahsoka to set an example. 

“I feel like we all need Ahsoka right now. Ahsoka lives in all of us,” she said. “And it’s really a beautiful line. And it has so much more meaning now, to me, more than ever before.”

Eckstein also helps out through Her Universe, the company she started

Eckstein has always been the charitable type. She started her fashion company in 2010, and it sells “geek fashion” like themed jackets, dresses, and graphic tees for most major fandoms. It caters to all genders now, but it was initially started for women and girls, who are often targeted and harassed in some fandom communities. 

“I have been an advocate for mental health, for a couple years now. I founded Her Universe on an anti-bullying platform,” Eckstein said. “So many fangirls were being bullied and being bullied terribly. So, I really, honestly, created the fashion as a means to break the stigma that sci-fi fantasy was just for men and boys.”

Of course, that notion is incorrect, and this brand was a way to help women and girls in these communities feel welcome and “comfortable to be themselves.” The goal was to help end this bullying by showing these fans that they’re not alone.

While Eckstein is busy being a “real-life Ahsoka,” both constantly remind folks that it just takes kindness to help others and be your own hero.