Al Roker Gets Honest With Dr. Oz About Gaining the ‘Covid 19’: ‘We Were Drinking and Eating and Baking’

Today weather forecaster and anchor Al Roker fessed up recently on an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show. The recent pandemic quarantine has not been kind to his waistline, resulting in the gain of what Roker calls “the Covid 19.”

Here’s how Al Roker took care of the situation.

Al Roker at the 2015 Amstel Light Burger Bash
Al Roker at the 2015 Amstel Light Burger Bash | Aaron Davidson/Getty Images For SOBEWFF

Al Roker recently appeared on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

The Today personality made an appearance with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the latter’s daytime program to discuss his latest book, You Look So Much Better in Person, as well as his life with his family in quarantine.

His book, which published in July 2020, reflects what he’s heard throughout Rockefeller Center plaza over the years, as the book’s title states.

“I make my way around the crowd, shaking hands, taking selfies, and chatting,” he writes in an excerpt from his memoir. “I’m moving along when a viewer shakes my hand, looks me directly in the eye, and says, ‘You look so much better in person!’”

Dr. Oz praised Roker for his healthy and trim appearance, and congratulated him on his 25th wedding anniversary, which the author marked with his wife, ABC News senior correspondent Deborah Roberts.

“Congratulations on a big milestone, your 25th wedding anniversary. I don’t know how Deborah does it,” Oz jokingly said to the NBC fixture.

Roker’s weight gain during quarantine

Roker gained what he called the “Covid 19” during the recent quarantine. After an NBC employee fell sick and sadly died from the coronavirus in March 2020, Roker and several other on-air personalities took to airing their segments live from their homes.

And so, during the long-term time at home, Roker ate and ate.

After Dr. Oz asked him if he was still on the Keto diet, Roker came clean and said, “Well, you know, during the pandemic, we were quarantining, I gained what I call the Covid 19.

“We were, not to make light of it, we were drinking and eating and baking,” he continued. “Deborah was baking banana bread. I mean, she never made banana bread before and it just went off the rails. But I went back on [Keto] and I’m just about done losing the Covid 19.”

Roker has been sharing ‘What We’re Cooking’ with his son Nick

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During the quarantine, Roker, born in Queens, NYC in 1954, began filming YouTube/IGTV cooking segments. His wife suggested he involve their 17-year-old son, Nick, and the result became “What We’re Cooking.”

“For me it’s more than just a collection of fun video clips,” Roker told AARP in Sept. 2020. “The nicest part about this experience has been spending more time with Nick, and watching him grow and learn.

“He’s got a great sense of humor — he gets that from his mother — but he also takes it seriously. He’s focused, he’s curious, and he knows exactly when to give his dad a little zing on camera. The audience loves it.”