‘Alaskan Bush People’ Returns for Season 14 in October 2022


  • Alaskan Bush People Season 14 premieres October 2.
  • The new season of the Discovery show takes place after the death of Brown family patriarch Billy Brown. 
  • After the loss of their father, Billy’s children forge ahead in an attempt to keep his legacy alive, with some making plans to return to their home state of Alaska. 

The Brown family is returning to Discovery and discovery+. A new season of Alaskan Bush People premieres Sunday, October 2. It will follow the Brown family as they move forward following the devastating loss of family patriarch Billy Brown. 

‘Alaskan Bush People’ returns in October 2022 

When fans last checked in with the Browns, they were coping in the immediate aftermath of Billy’s death. The 68-year-old died in February 2021 after experiencing a seizure. The 13th season of Alaskan Bush People, which aired in the fall of 2021, followed the surviving Browns as they lay their father to rest and reflected on his impact on their lives. 

The new season picks up roughly a year after Billy’s death. His family is navigating changes in their personal lives while also fighting to keep their father’s dream of off-the-grid living alive. They’re also dealing with the after-effects of a devastating wildfire that displaced them from their home in Washington State. 

Alaskan Bush People Season 14 premieres Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery. Episodes will also be available to stream on discovery+. 

‘Life is precious and uncertain,’ Ami Brown says in a teaser for the new season 

The loss of Billy has given the rest of the Brown family a fresh perspective on life and a renewed commitment to embracing their unique way of living.   

“This last year has taught us life is precious and uncertain,” Billy’s widow Ami says in a teaser for the new episodes. 

“It’s like a new chapter,” she adds. “Actually, it’s more like a new book.”

Following Billy’s death and the wildfire, the Browns are more determined than ever to get back to their roots. But doing so won’t be without its challenges. The teaser shows the family battling various obstacles as they embark on the next phase of their lives. 

For some family members, that involves a return to their home state of Alaska. Noah makes plans to move his family back to America’s last frontier, but finding the right place to settle is more difficult and dangerous than you might expect. Noah’s sister Bird also wants to return to Alaska, but an unexpected health crisis forces her to rethink her plans to relocate, as well as reconsider her plans to start a family. 

Meanwhile, Bear moves his city-born wife Raiven and their young son to the mountain. His brother Gabe is also trying to build his family a home on the mountain before winter sets in. And back at the ranch, Ami and her son Bam are struggling to keep the property profitable in the face of various setbacks. 

Are the Browns welcome back in Alaska?

Noah Brown in an episode of 'Alaskan Bush People'
Noah Brown in ‘Alaskan Buh People’ | Discovery via YouTube

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The Brown’s attempted return to Alaska is a storyline in Alaskan Bush People Season 14. But it sounds like they might not receive a warm welcome, at least in some corners of the state. When some family members showed up in the small community of Peterburg looking to buy property, locals weren’t impressed, according to a report from KTOO. One local Realtor declined to work with the Browns. And some residents deliberately shunned them.

“That one kid, I think they call him Gabe, introduced himself and stuck out his hand,” a man named Mark Hofstad said. “I looked at him, ‘I aint’ shaking your hand.’ He just looked at me and walked away.”

“I mean, look what the show is,” Hofstad added. “It’s non-residents portraying themselves as Alaskans that basically make us all look like a bunch of frickin’ morons.”

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