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All eyes are on actor Alec Baldwin, in light of the tragic incident on the set of the western film Rust. The tragedy, which claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, has everyone talking, with some using the accident to push for more widespread gun safety training.

With the accident still under investigation by the local police department, it is uncertain whether anyone involved in the incident will actually face charges. Still, Baldwin, who fired the shot that killed Hutchins and wounded another, has been active on Twitter — and it is possible that his social media holds a clue to what really happened on the set of Rust

The tragic shooting on the set of ‘Rust’

On Thursday, October 21, Baldwin discharged a firearm on the set of his latest movie Rust. The discharge not only killed cinematographer, Hutchins, but it wounded director Joel Souza.

While Souza was able to recover from his injuries, Hutchins died not long after, at the hospital where she was taken. The news of the shooting immediately made headlines around the world, with film fans and pop culture aficionados alike expressing their shock and disbelief on social media.

With the investigation still ongoing, no charges have currently been filed against Baldwin or anyone else on the set of the film. The production company for Rust did issue a statement, one that read: “The entire cast and crew has been absolutely devastated by today’s tragedy, and we send our deepest condolences to Halyna’s family and loved ones. We have halted production on the film for an undetermined period of time and are fully cooperating with the Santa Fe Police Department’s investigation. We will be providing counseling services to everyone connected to the film as we work to process this awful event.”

Alec Baldwin has been active on Twitter in the wake of the tragedy

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin | Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

Baldwin also issued a statement the day following the news of the incident, saying that there are “no words” to convey his sadness and shock. He also admitted to being in contact with Hutchins’ husband and young son, as reported by Vogue. Baldwin has been active on social media in the days since the tragedy, sharing a few stories that could offer some tantalizing clues as to what really happened. 

According to Insider, the first link that Baldwin shared was a report by Variety that pulled extracts from an affidavit filed by the Santa Fe County’s Sheriff’s Office. The report stated that the assistant director of Rust had shouted “cold gun” on set, which means that the prop gun was safe to use and did not contain any live ammunition.

The second link that Baldwin posted on his Twitter was a story from the New York Times Twitter account. This story was similar to the first, detailing how assistant director Dave Halls allegedly told a detective that he should have inspected each round in each chamber of the prop gun, but didn’t. 

What’s next in the ‘Rust’ shooting investigation?


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The articles that Baldwin shared on his social media are certainly intriguing but it could be weeks or even months before people find out what really happened on the set of Rust.

According to NPR, District Attorney for Santa Fe County, Mary Carmack-Altwies stated on Wednesday, October 27, that it was still “too early” to file any charges but that no one has officially been ruled out. She also said that everyone who handled the gun on set that day, including Alec Baldwin, has been cooperating with the investigation.

One thing is for sure: Baldwin will be dealing with the trauma of the incident for a very long time, regardless of what the outcome of the investigation is.