Alexander Skarsgård’s Amleth Shares Ominous Plan in ‘The Northman’: ‘I Will Haunt This Farm’

The Northman allows actor Alexander Skarsgård the opportunity to dig into a whole new, primal side of himself in Robert Eggers’ newest movie. He delivers a very raw performance and never fears getting dirty throughout the film. Focus Features’ The Northman has a new clip that teases Amleth’s plans but doesn’t give too much away.

Alexander Skarsgård lives out a tragic Viking tale in ‘The Northman’

'The Northman' Alexander Skarsgård as Amleth and Anya Taylor-Joy as Olga of the Birch Forest sitting on horseback with the ocean in the background
L-R: Alexander Skarsgård as Amleth and Anya Taylor-Joy as Olga of the Birch Forest | Focus Features

The Northman follows Skarsgård’s Amleth, who is a prince. He has everything going for him, including noble parents, named Queen Gudrún (Nicole Kidman) and King Aurvandil War-Raven (Ethan Hawke). However, everything changes when Amleth’s uncle, Fjölnir the Brotherless (Claes Bang), murders his father and kidnaps his mother.

The prince grows up into a merciless Viking, but the Seeress (Björk) reminds him of a promise that he once made to himself. Amleth plans to return back to his home to kill his uncle, avenge his father, and save his mother. However, his seemingly clear destiny becomes increasingly complicated when he meets Olga of the Birch Forest (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Alexander Skarsgård’s Amleth shares his ominous plan in a new clip

JoBlo Movie Clips shared a new clip for The Northman fearing Skarsgård’s Amleth and Taylor-Joy’s Olga. The pair speak while walking behind a grassy mound to have some privacy. Their conversation expands a bit on their connection and what Amleth plans to do to secure his vengeance.

See below for the video’s transcription:

Olga: “Fiona’s touch will not linger on me when I leave this island.”

Amleth: “You marked him well. Now, I found the cold eye and I will strike him down.”

Olga: “When will you do it?”

Amleth: “When I must. For now, I will haunt this farm like a hungry corpse returned from the grave. Fjölnir thinks I’m long dead.”

Olga: “Yes, but what of your mother?”

Amleth: “She will revel in Fjölnir’s anguish. She only feigns her love to protect their child. When I free her, I will bring the boy, if I must.”

Olga: “They’ve moved me back into the kitchen.”

(Interrupted by a guard’s yelling)

Amleth: “We’ll have to wait. Go.”

Watch The Northman clip above to see Skarsgård and Taylor-Joy’s marvelous performances, as Eggers’ wonderfully directs the pair. It’s clear that they’re planning to work together to take down the murderous Fjölnir.

Where to watch ‘The Northman’

Eggers previously released indie hits with The Witch and The Lighthouse. However, The Northman is the filmmaker’s biggest and most epic film yet. Focus Features greenlit the project because he’s a talented filmmaker with a unique voice in this generation of filmmakers. It helps that The Northman features a stellar cast, including Skarsgård.

Many audiences wonder how they can watch The Northman as soon as possible starring Skarsgård and Taylor-Joy. The movie is exclusively hitting theaters on April 22. As a result, it won’t hit streaming services within the first month of its release. However, it will likely hit Universal’s own Peacock before any other streaming services, given Focus Features’ connection with the parent company.

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