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Jennifer Garner is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, an actress who has appeared in high-profile television projects as well as popular movies. Garner was in the headlines frequently in the early 2000s, as much for the characters that she portrayed as for her relationship drama.

These days, Garner lives her life a bit more out of the spotlight, although fans still love to follow her journey through life and motherhood via social media.

One of Garner’s biggest roles (and the one that made her a huge star) was the TV series Alias, helmed by J.J. Abrams. The series was a critical and commercial success, and fans praised the attention to detail in the series — still, it was a very expensive endeavor, especially when it came to Garner’s costumes.

What is ‘Alias’ about?

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner | John Shearer/Getty Images

Alias premiered on television in 2001, and quickly became a ratings hit. Created by J.J. Abrams, the mind behind major franchise reboots such as Star Trek and Star Wars, as well as original shows like Lost, Alias was clever, intense, and exciting.

The series told the story of Sydney Bristow, a double agent the CIA, who poses as an operative for SD-6, a criminal and espionage organization. As Sydney struggles to hide her true identity from her friends and family, she goes through multiple aliases in order to successfully complete various missions — many of them very dangerous.

Alias became an instant success with viewers of all ages and ultimately ran on television for five years. The series was honored with numerous awards, with critics calling out the writing and performances of the actors as being of special note. In particular, Jennifer Garner received praise from critics due to her excellent work as double agent Sydney Bristow.

What role did Jennifer Garner play in ‘Alias’?

When Alias debuted on television, Garner was an up and coming actress who had made her big breakthrough in the romantic drama movie Pearl Harbor. While Garner had some experience in the television industry, Alias was her breakout role and the one that ultimately made her a star.

By the end of the series run, she was one of the highest-paid actresses in television and had earned several awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

It was during the filming of Alias that Garner began dating Ben Affleck. The two had a romance that made headlines frequently, and they got married in 2005.

They went on to welcome three children before getting divorced in 2018. While the marriage didn’t last, the TV show that made Garner a star did, and to this day, fans turn to Alias when they want to enjoy action-packed television. 

How much did Jennifer Garner’s ‘Alias’ wigs cost?


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Just as Garner’s salary increased during her time on Alias, so too did the budget for hair and makeup on the series. The show involved frequent costume changes, so to accommodate, the production team came up with some incredible wigs for Sydney to wear while she is undercover on various missions. According to ScreenRant, each one of Sydney’s wigs cost around $20,000. 

Still, the costume department tried to maximize their investment with each wig, with hairstylist Michael Reitz admitting that they would try to get “at least three looks” out of each wig. Initially, the costume department would begin with a long style, and then progressively cut it shorter and shorter in order to get multiple unique looks out of each super-expensive wig. The final effect was often stunning, featuring Garner rocking incredible looks that really got fans talking, week after week.