Alison Brie in the MCU? She’d Make a Perfect Spider-Woman

Alison Brie is starting to become a power-player in American media. The Mad Men, GLOW, and Community actress has spent much of the last decade growing into a breakout star and leading woman in several hit films and television series.

Now, fans want to see Brie take on one of the most successful franchises on the planet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Allison Brie’s career

Alison Brie
Alison Brie | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Brie has been a Hollywood pro since she was still a young adult. She started out doing small roles on shows like Hannah Montana, where she had a guest spot as Dina. With every passing year, however, Brie became a little bit more famous. Her breakout role came in Mad Men, where Brie played the recurring role of Trudy Campbell throughout the series’ eight-year run. 

After Mad Men’s success, Brie started to get more work. She tried her hand at several short-lived television series before Community changed her career forever. While Brie received acclaim for Mad MenCommunity allowed Brie to take on a more prominent role and show off her acting chops as a young, naive college student named Annie Edison. 

Community was a hit, and Brie was getting more great work because of it. She played a prominent role as Rebecca Walters in Scream 4 and became a staple of romantic comedies like Save the Date and The Five-Year Engagement. 

However, while Brie was already a power player in Tinseltown, another show, GLOW, put her over the top. Playing aspiring wrestler Ruth Wilder, Brie got acclaim for her dramatic chops and ability to drive the series. 

With voice roles in The Lego Movie and BoJack Horseman, too, it’s safe to say that Brie’s talent is all across the board. It makes sense, then, that people would want to see her in the MCU. Should she join, she would follow a fascinating trend of Community alums appearing throughout the series. 

The Community to Marvel pipeline

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Perhaps, due to the Russo Brothers’ involvement in Community throughout its run as directors, Community has spawned a pipeline of its actors appearing in several Marvel movies. Most of the appearances are in Russo-directed movies, but it goes far beyond that. From the biggest stars like Donald Glover to brief cameos by Danny Pudi, Community fans rejoice every time they see a Greendale student or professor appear in the MCU. 

Community alums, both big and small, have taken on a wide array of roles. Brie Larson was never a star of the series, but she appeared as one of Abed’s girlfriends throughout the series.

Randall Park and several other guest stars have bit parts throughout the MCU. Donald Glover, the biggest star to come out of Community, had a cameo as Aaron Davis, the uncle of Miles Morales, a character who has not yet appeared in the MCU. 

From Jim Rash’s cameo in Civil War Ken Jeong and Yvette Nicole Brown in Endgame, the MCU is kind to Community cast members. Alison Brie, however, would take this to another level. 


Jason Wiese of Cinema Blend decided to have some fun by positing six roles that Brie could play in the MCU. These ranged from minor superheroes to major ones like Rogue. The most interesting of them all, however, was Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman is already getting a big-screen adaptation from Olivia Wilde. However, its status as a Sony property likely means it’s part of the Venom universe and not the MCU. 

Should Marvel pull a similar deal as they have with Spider-Man, however, Brie could be a logical choice. Jessica Drew is a government agent given superpowers by her father as a child.

Brie has shown the ability to play drama with comedy in ways that the MCU succeeds at. Furthermore, she bears a more-than-passing resemblance to the Spider-Woman character of the comics. 

This is sheer speculation, but Wiese makes a good point. Brie has shown that she’s a star in the making, and Spider-Woman could help launch her to another level.