All ‘Moon Knight’ Villains Confirmed for the Disney+ Marvel Show

The Disney+ Marvel shows WandaVision, Loki, and Hawkeye brought plenty of superhero fun to our TVs, but Moon Knight looks to bring intensity. In the first Moon Knight trailer, fans saw Oscar Isaac (Star Wars) brutally whaling on an enemy. With the Fist of Khonshu Moon Knight bringing violent justice, the Moon Knight villains will likely prove just as deadly. Here are all confirmed and suspected Marvel villains for the Disney+ Moon Knight TV show.

'Moon Knight' villains Ethan Hawke at the 55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Ethan Hawke | Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images

1: Ethan Hawke plays one of the most obscure Moon Knight villains, Dr. Arthur Harrow in the MCU

Marvel Studios has never shied from adapting lesser-known characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Moon Knight cast member Ethan Hawke plays Arthur Harrow, a character so obscure that comic fans themselves had to look him up.

In Marvel Comics, Dr. Arthur Harrow’s first appearance was in one issue of Moon Knight in 1985. He had Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition that paralyzed the left side of his face. It pushed him to study pain theory, but he conducted inhumane experiments through the mysterious organization OMNIUM.

However, the Arthur Harrow Ethan Hawke plays to fight Steven Grant, aka Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), seems very different. In the Moon Knight trailers, Arthur Harrow appears to be a cult leader of some kind.

Whether he turns out to pose a threat or even help Issac’s antihero is still unknown. However, Moon Knight villains include even wilder foes, like Werewolf by Night.

2: One of the first ‘Moon Knight’ villains, Werewolf by Night, seems to appear in the trailer

In 2022, Werewolf by Night is not one of the most well-known Moon Knight villains. However, before Moon Knight teamed up with Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, or other allies, he appeared in Werewolf by Night 32.

Marvel already confirmed Werewolf by Night actor Gael Garcia Bernal to appear in a Halloween special.

However, exact details about Werewolf by Night in Moon Knight remain hazy. A wolf or dog humanoid appeared somewhat obscured in the Moon Knight trailers. Isaac’s antihero hammered his fist into the creature.

Some fans asked if Werewolf by Night is good or bad, but he falls more into the same camp as Moon Knight. While they often act as heroes, they achieve their goals through less than heroic means. It can paint them as villains of certain stories.

They will likely fight in a brutal brawl if Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night crossover.

3: The Arthur Harrow cult could be associated with a rival Egyptian god to Khonshu

One of the most mysterious aspects of the Moon Knight villains comes from the cult Arthur Harrow leads. Some fans think it’s the Cult of Khonshu, but Ethan Hawke possessed a cane adorned with crocodile heads in the Moon Knight Super Bowl trailer.

In both Egyptian mythology and Marvel Comics, the god Sobek has the head of a crocodile. More interestingly, Sobek is the half-brother of Khonshu and the brother of Bast, the panther god who gives Black Panther his powers.

Khonshu often uses Moon Knight to strike against his rival gods. If Hawke’s Arthur Harrow leads the Crocodile Cult, it could put him on a direct collision course with the Fist of Khonshu.

When Steven Grant or Marc Spector do not know the difference between reality and dreams, Moon Knight villains only complicate things further. Fans can catch the Disney+ show on March 30, 2022.

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