‘All of Us Are Dead’: Actors From the Cast Starred in the Same Guilty Pleasure Teen Romance K-Drama

The cast of Netflix‘s new hit zombie Korean drama All of Us Are Dead stars new and rising faces in the acting industry. It was a tactic by director Lee Jae-kyoo to make the coming-of-age story more believable. But audiences who have been fans of K-dramas for years would have noticed one commonality between many of the main cast. All of Us Are Dead actors have starred in the 2017 rom-com, Sweet Revenge.

'All of Us Are Dead' actors Cho Yi-hyun and Park Solomon wearing green school uniforms.
‘All of Us Are Dead’ actors Cho Yi-hyun and Park Solomon | via Netflix

‘Sweet Revenge’ is a guilty pleasure teen K-drama many fans have watched

K-drama fans can agree teen romances are a guilty pleasure that is hard to break free from. Many newcomer fans have watched Sweet Revenge at least once or multiple times. The 2017 K-drama was an 11-episode season about young love, bullying, and the trials and tribulations of surviving school.

A young female student at Hanjong High School is bullied by her peers because her name sounds like the word “fool.” She is often saved by one of the school’s brooding and handsome male students.

The only thing going right for the female student is her best friend, who happens to be a handsome K-Pop idol. One day she receives a pop-up for an app called Revenge Note. By writing the name of her bullies, bad things start to happen.

Fans of All of Us Are Dead would have recognized the actor playing the leading male role in Sweet Revenge.

Park Solomon, Yoo In-soo and other ‘All of Us Are Dead’ actors appeared in ‘Sweet Revenge’

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The internet has found its new heartthrob with Park Solomon in his leading role as Lee Su-hyeok. But the actor has been K-drama fans’ secret crush since 2017. Park played the leading male role as Ji-hoon in Sweet Revenge alongside actor Kim Hyang-gi as Ho Goo-hee. The teen K-drama was Park’s first leading role in his career.

The All of Us Are Dead actor was not the only cast member who had a role in Sweet Revenge. Actor Yoo In-soo is also credited for appearing in the teen K-drama. In the zombie drama, he played the role of bully Yoon Gwi-Nam.

Ham Sung-min played the role of Han Gyeong-su in All of Us Are Dead. Gyeong-su is the best friend of the character Lee Cheong-san. Before starring in the Netflix zombie K-drama, Ham also played the role of Lee Kang-min in Sweet Revenge. Lee Eun-saem played Lee So-eun in Sweet Revenge.

Actor Cho Yi-hyun also had a role in Sweet Revenge. Cho played the role of Choi Nam-ra in the Netflix zombie K-drama. The main character and protagonist of All of Us Are Dead, Nam On-jo, is played by actor Park Ji-hoo. Park did not appear in the teen K-drama but instead played the role of Lee Ha-yan in the sequel Sweet Revenge 2.

What’s next for the actors of ‘All of Us Are Dead’?

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For many of the main cast of the Netflix K-drama, it was their first major leading role. Actors like Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, and Cho have had notable roles so far, appearing in well-known dramas or started their careers at a young age. Before All of Us Are Dead, Park was already cast as a leading actor in the thriller film Concrete Utopia alongside Lee Byung-hun, Park Bo-young, and Park Seo-joon.

Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead actor Lee Yoo-mi is set to star as Yea-ji in a movie titled Rain Angel. As the zombie coming-of-age K-drama gains worldwide traction and popularity, fans can expect its leading actors to skyrocket to fame.

Sweet Revenge is available to stream on Viki.