‘All of Us Are Dead’: Fans Find a Plothole Concerning On-jo and the Jonas Virus

The more fans look into Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead Korean drama, the more clues and questions they have about its storyline. One of the key elements of the K-drama is how the Jonas virus affected certain characters. Director Lee Jae-gyu confirmed there are different variations of the virus. But fans of All of Us Are Dead noticed a major plothole concerning On-jo. Throughout the duration of the drama, clues elude to the possibility that she is immune or something more.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead.]

Character On-jo in 'All of Us Are Dead' K-drama holding video camera.
Character On-jo in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ K-drama | via Netflix

Could On-jo have been infected in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Episode 1?

On-jo is the K-drama’s main protagonist and unofficial narrator. There is more to her story than All of Us Are Dead lets on as chaos ensues around her and the characters. Fans on Reddit could not help but question whether or not On-jo is immune to the virus based on clues that go beyond coincidence.

In All of Us Are Dead Episode 1, On-jo is one of the students who help transport the first infected student to the nurse’s office. She is scratched while holding down the student, but this is never fully confirmed in the K-drama. The audience only sees her father asking if she is okay while holding her bandaged wrist.

“She is the only one who somehow got a wound that required a bandage while wrestling with an infected person but did not have to prove to anyone that she was not infected or it wasn’t a bite. It happens so early in the show, and it’s pushed aside just before the cr*p hits the fan,” said one fan on Reddit.

Fans also note On-jo wears a sweater during the entire duration of All of Us Are Dead. Her bandaged wound is never always out of sight from the other characters. None of them had a reason to question if she is infected.

A zombie stopped face to face with On-jo in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

On-jo and male zombie in 'All of Us Are Dead' in cafeteria.
On-jo and male zombie in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ | via Netflix

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One of the biggest clues that On-jo might be immune to the virus is the chaotic cafeteria scene. On-jo, Cheong-san, and some main characters watch as a hoard of zombies attack students. As a male zombie sets her eyes on her, she falls to the floor in fear.

Instead of ravaging On-jo, the zombie stops short inches away from On-jo’s face. He smells, snarls, and looks around but never bites her. “We never get a chance to really question as the attacks start to happen and chaos takes over. Her demeanor is also kind of off at times as if she is keeping something a secret from the group,” said one fan.

There is one scene in All of Us Are Dead that further raises the question that On-jo is immune. The same lab mouse that bit patient zero at school climbs On-jo’s foot. But the mouse never bites her and stays with On-jo.

On-jo was never afraid of her friends turning into zombies in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

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A fan on Reddit pointed out another plausible detail about On-jo being immune. As the story progressed, On-jo was never afraid of being near the turning characters. With I-sak, On-jo noticed before anyone else did that she was cold to the touch. When I-sak showed the signs, she never moved to bite On-jo.

In All of Us Are Dead Episode 12, Nam-ra loses control of her hunger and attacks On-jo. But On-jo does not fight back. Fans believe On-jo has known all along she is immune.

“That’s why I found it odd that On-jo was so ready to just lay her arms down and offer her neck to be bitten by Nam-ra. She could have been confident Nam-ra would be able to resist, but that was a rather large unnecessary risk to take by completely offering yourself up to be bitten,” said one fan.

In a recent interview, Director Lee confirmed three different groups of zombies. Some people are immortal, immune, and halfbies. All the coincidences with On-jo were more than red herrings. The theory that On-jo is immune could lead to All of Us Are Dead Season 2’s storyline.