‘All Us Are Dead’: Kiss Scene Between Cho Yi-hyun and Park Solomon Took 17 Takes

Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead main cast, and its director Lee Jae-kyu give fans backstage secrets to the Korean drama. Park Solomon and Cho Yi-hyun revealed their infamous kiss scene in All of Us Are Dead K-drama took longer to film than expected in a commentary video. The coming-of-age zombie K-drama interweaved the brutal battle of survival against zombies and teenagers trying to save their friends and love interests.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead.]

Park Solomon and Cho Yi-hyun in 'All of Us Are Dead' kiss scene
Park Solomon and Cho Yi-hyun in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ kiss scene | via Netflix

Cho Yi-hyun and Park Solomon’s on-screen characters have a first kiss in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

In the zombie K-drama, Cho plays the role of class president Nam-ra. While her classmates see her as cold-hearted and aloof, Su-hyeok, played by Park, secretly harbored feelings for her. As the storyline progresses, it becomes clear that Su-hyeok would risk his life to save his friends and his crush. When Nam-ra is infected by Gwi-nam and showing signs of turning, Su-hyeok is the one to protect her.

He refuses to let the other characters banish her and makes them realize she is not fully turning into a zombie. Their relationship hits a new level in All of Us Are Dead Episode 7. Tethered at the wrist, Nam-ra explains she thirsted for Su-hyeok’s blood. When he called her name, she woke up from her trance.

It was the first time he had said her real name instead of “Prez.” Su-hyeok comes clean and admits his feelings for her. After Nam-ra confesses she likes Su-hyeok in a video diary entry, she leans in to kiss him. Afterward, she explains she is glad she knew about his feelings before possibly dying.

The kiss scene between Cho Yi-hyun and Park Solomon in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ took 17 takes


In a video commentary with the main cast, director, and writer for Netflix, it was revealed the kiss scene in All of Us Are Dead took more than a few tries. Director Lee explained writer Chun Sung-il originally planned to edit out the scene. But when it was filmed and complete, the kiss scene served a greater purpose.

While watching the scene, director Lee teased Park saying, “Even now, Lomon can’t stop smiling.” The young actor then revealed it took 17 takes to get the perfect kiss scene. Park can gladly blame Cho, who explained, “I felt really sorry to Lomon. Because I had my eyes closed when I was leaning in [for the kiss], so I couldn’t find where his lips were.”

Comically enough, Park had no problem filming multiple takes of the kiss scene in All of Us Are Dead and happily agreed with Cho. He does admit he was incredibly nervous before filming the scene. In his previous work, he never had an on-screen kiss. After filming the scene with Cho, he realized, “Oh, so this is why actors do romance dramas.”

The actor then admits it is his favorite scene in the K-drama while his co-stars, the director, and writer, chuckle at his confession.

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Nam-ra and Su-yeok’s small teen romance in All of Us Are Dead became a fan favorite. In the midst of a life-threatening zombie outbreak, they found time to be honest with each other and act like teenagers. After the kiss scene in All of Us Are Dead, Su-hyeok and Nam-ra stick close to each other. But Nam-ra becomes the group’s protector when she realizes she has super hearing, agility, and strength.

As she starts to lose control over the virus, she makes a decision. When the characters escape the school into the local village, she feels uncontrollable hunger.

She stays back to keep her friends safe. Su-hyeok and On-ja return to look for her. Nam-ra attacks On-ja intending to hurt her but stops. Her final act of bravery for her friends is leaving into the fog to protect them. In the All of Us Are Dead finale, months after the infected numbers diminish, the characters learn Nam-ra is alive. She became a mutated form of the virus stuck between human and monster. Nam-ra explains there are more like her.