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The brutal conditions on Labrador’s Atlantic Coast have proved to be too much for another Alone: Frozen contestant. One participant in the History Channel reality series has already gone home. Now, in episode 3, a second survivalist taps out, leaving just four people in the running for the show’s $500,000 prize. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Alone: Frozen Episode 3.]

Greg’s ‘Alone: Frozen’ journey comes to an end in episode 3 

In last week’s episode of Alone: Frozen, Greg began to question his decision to return to the show. 

“This is much harder than I thought it would be,” the season 3 alum said, as he lamented the rough conditions, discussed his anxiety over what the future held, and wondered if he was too old to be trying to survive on his own in the wild. 

Fans who guessed that Greg – who lasted 51 days in Patagonia on his previous stint on Alone – was preparing to tap out were correct. The 58-year-old decided to quit the show in the first few minutes of episode 3. 

“[I’m just feeling a lot of anxiety being out here,” he said when the crew arrived to pick him up from his campsite. “It brings back deja vu of Patagonia and how hard that was. And I just didn’t feel like suffering like I did there.”  

Over his six days in Labrador, Greg had struggled to catch fish or find another reliable source of food, aside from mussels. The wet environment was another source of stress. 

“I promised myself I’m not going to suffer like that and then have a long period of recovery because of pushing myself beyond what I should,” he said.

With Greg and Mark officially tapped out, Amós is the only one of this season’s three men still in the running. By the end of this episode, he, Callie, Michelle, and Woniya have all lasted 10 days. There are still 40 days to go in the 50-day challenge, but it seems like there’s a good chance that this season could see the first female winner in the history of the Alone franchise.  

Michelle finds success with hunting, Amós plans to kill a bear

'Alone: Frozen' contestants Woniya, Callie, and Michell standing together
Woniya, Callie, and Michelle from ‘Alone: Frozen’ | The History Channel

With Greg officially out of the competition, four contestants remain. All struggled in this episode as they confronted the reality of what surviving for 50 days in the wilderness would require. But there were moments of success, too. 

Michelle, who competed on Alone Season 8, managed to shoot a grouse. Not only did the bird provide a valuable source of calories, but it also was a personal victory, as she’d failed to hunt successfully during her first run on the show. 

Callie’s attempts to shoot a grouse were less successful, though she did manage to cook up a nutrient-dense stew of seal fat, mussels, and seaweed. Meanwhile, Woniya created her own mussel farm so she could have a steady supply of shellfish in her diet. 

Amós had hoped to rely on fishing to supply a lot of food. But he’s struggled to catch anything. So he set his sights on bigger game. 

“I don’t think the fish thing is happening here,” Amós said. “Pretty difficult to do it from the shore like that. I gotta figure out how to hunt the bear, because that’s what I’m after.” Taking down a bear is an ambitious goal, but if he succeeds, he’d have a steady supply of meat that could give him a valuable edge in this competition. 

All four remaining contestants struggle with poor weather and lack of food 


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Despite some victories, the four remaining contestants are looking at a very tough few weeks ahead. Though there are abundant mussels and seaweed (at least for now), getting enough to eat will continue to be a challenge. Even small hunting victories don’t always pay off in the way viewers might expect. It might seem that a single rabbit or large fish would provide a decent amount of food. But that’s not the case when you’re in a survival situation, Amós pointed out. 

“When your body is on a survival diet, we are using a lot of fuel. And a lot of calories,” he said. Currently, he’s burning more calories than he’s consuming and losing about a pound a day, according to the show.

The weather is also proving challenging. Temperatures are hovering just above freezing and rain and wind are common. Leaky shelters and damp bedding have been an issue for several contestants (though Michelle’s log shelter looks very snug). Woniya – who lasted 73 days on the shores of Great Slave Lake – was determined to shore up her living space to prepare for the coming wintry weather.  

“I thought the Arctic was challenging,” she says. “But it felt really easy and abundant compared to this.”

New episodes of Alone: Frozen air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel.

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