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The remote Atlantic coast of Labrador, Canada, is no place for the weak. Frigid temperatures, hungry polar bears, and rough terrain present serious challenges, even for tested survivalists. In the second episode of History Channel’s new reality series Alone: Frozen, three more competitors are dropped into the wilderness. They quickly realize that their new environment will test them like never before.  

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Alone: Frozen Episode 2.]

One ‘Alone: Frozen’ competitor has already tapped out  

On Alone: Frozen, six of Alone’s toughest competitors are fighting to last 50 days on the Labrador coast. Those who make it to the end will claim their share of a $500,000 prize. But getting to the finish line won’t be easy, and one contestant has already tapped out. 

In the series premiere, viewers followed along as Callie Russell, Amós Rodriguez, and Mark D’Ambrosio, who all competed on Alone Season 7, spent their first days on their own setting up camp, foraging for food, and scoping out their surroundings. But for Mark, the isolation quickly proved to be too much. He realized he’d rather be spending time with his young son than fighting to survive in the wilderness. He decided to tap out after just five days. 

Three more contestants begin their journey in episode 2 

Group shot of the 'Alone: Frozen' cast standing in front of water
The ‘Alone: Frozen’ cast | The History Channel

In episode 2, we check in with the other three Alone: Frozen cast members. Greg Ovens spent 51 days on his own in Patagonia in Alone Season 3. Woniya Thibeault, who was the runner-up in Alone Season 6, spent 73 days near the shore of Canada’s Great Slave Lake. Michelle Finn lasted 21 days on her own in British Columbia in Alone Season 8. All three come into the new show confident in their survival skills, while also being fully aware of the challenges ahead. 

For Michelle, who felt like a “failure” after her previous experience on Alone, her time in Labrador is a shot at redemption. Woniya called her previous stint on the show one of the most profound experiences of her life. But this time around, she’s leaving behind her partner Taylor, and she knows being separated from him will be profoundly difficult. Greg also wants a second chance to succeed at Alone, and he thinks the experience he’d gained in the intervening years will be an asset on his journey. 

“I think I’ll be more prepared to deal with the challenges a little differently this time,” he says. 

The harsh reality soon sets in for the ‘Alone: Frozen’ contestants 

Woniya, Callie, and Michelle from 'Alone: Frozen' pose for a photo with their gear
Woniya, Callie, and Michell from ‘Alone: Frozen’ | The History Channel

‘Alone’ Is the COVID-Proof Show That Shows What True Isolation Really Looks Like

Greg, Woniya, and Michelle each began their Alone: Frozen journeys full of cautious optimism. But after just a few days, all were confronting the harsh reality of their situation. Though no one tapped out in episode 2, cold, wet conditions were a challenge for all. So was the isolation.

“I’m cold and wet and miserable and nearly hypothermic,” Woniya said. She’d recently discovered the tarp that was supposed to provide a roof for her rock shelter was leaking. “That’s just not how I want it to be … I’m thinking of all the things in my life I put on hold and just disappeared from to have this experience. It’s a really different situation for me right now.” 

“I never in a million years thought that I would be considering leaving as early as day 6,” she added. 

Michelle lucked out with a healthy catch of mussels, a valuable source of protein. But later, she experienced nausea that left her weak, which was a problem, as she was still trying to gather the firewood she’d need once even colder weather set in.  

Greg struggled to dry out his down sleeping bag after it got wet. He also had a moment of panic when he thought he lost his cooking pot, a valuable piece of gear. And his attempt to snare a bird to failed, leaving him frustrated (and hungry). By the end of the episode, he seemed to be questioning his decision to sign up for another season of Alone.

“This is much harder than I thought it would be,” he said.

New episodes of Alone: Frozen air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel.

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