‘Alone: Frozen’: These 6 Contestants Will Return for the New Spinoff

The History Channel is expanding its hit Alone franchise. Two new spinoffs of the hit reality survival series premiere in August 2022. Both Alone: Frozen and Alone: The Skills Challenge will feature former Alone contestants competing in fresh challenges and embarking on new survival journeys. 

‘Alone: Frozen’ premieres August 11 

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Alone: Frozen brings together six of the strongest participants from past seasons of Alone for a new test of survival. They’ll be dropped on the frigid Atlantic coast of Labrador, Canada, just as winter is setting in. Once on their own, they’ll battle howling woods, constant rain, and fierce cold-weather predators. The goal is to last 50 days in a location with the densest population of polar bears in the U.S. and more extreme conditions than any previous season of the show. Each participant will rely on just a few supplies, plus what they’ve learned from their previous experiences, as they fight to win a $500,000 cash prize. 

Alone: Frozen premieres Thursday, August 11 at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel. The season has eight episodes. A one-hour special, Alone: Frozen Before the Freeze, airs Thursday, July 28 at 10:30 p.m. ET. It will offer an inside look at the new show and the six participants. 

Meet the ‘Alone: Frozen’ cast

A cast member looking worried in the 'Alone' spinoff 'Alone: Frozen'
‘Alone: Frozen’ | History via YouTube

The Alone: Frozen cast includes: 

  • Greg Ovens, who competed on Alone Season 3. He lasted 51 days on his own in Patagonia before tapping out due to hypothermia. 
  • Woniya Thibeault, season 6’s runner-up, who stuck it out for 73 days near the shore of Canada’s Great Slave Lake.  
  • Callie Russell, who finished second in season 7. She made it 89 days in the wilderness before she was forced to tap out due to frostbite. 
  • Amós Rodriguez, another season 7 competitor. He lasted 58 days before starvation ended his Alone journey.
  • Mark D’Ambrosio, also from season 7. He tapped out after 44 days because he was home sick.  
  • Michelle Finn from Alone Season 8. She lasted 21 days on her own in a remote part of British Columbia before starvation forced her to tap out.  

‘Alone: The Skills Challenge’ premieres August 4

Alone: Frozen isn’t the only Alone spinoff on the horizon. Alone: The Skills Challenge premieres Thursday, August 4 at 10:30 p.m. before moving to its regular 10 p.m. timeslot for the rest of its 12-episode season. 

In the show, former Alone participants compete head-to-head in creative build challenges devised by one of their peers. They’ll have to use only basic tools and the natural resources around them to complete tasks such as creating an elevated shelter, a hand-crafted oven, and a watercraft. 

Returning survivalists for Alone: The Skills Challenge include North and Rodriguez, as well as Lucas Miller from season 1, Britt Ahart from seasons 3 and 5, Jordan Jonas, the winner of season 6, Joel Van Der Loon from season 7, and Alone Season 8 winner Clay Hayes.

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