Alton Brown’s Favorite Cast Iron Brand Is Famously Affordable

Alton Brown has long been one of the most popular chefs on the Food Network, a host and television personality who is beloved for his outgoing personality and unabashed love of food. A celebrity chef who loves to share kitchen “hacks” and simple twists on classic recipes, Brown frequently opens up about some of his favorite kitchen gadgets and tools. Recently, Brown dished on his favorite brand of cast iron cookware, admitting that the brand is not only reliable but extremely affordable as well.

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Alton Brown revealed his favorite cast iron brand

Even though Alton Brown is a major celebrity, he knows the value of saving money – and usually, when he shares his favorite products with his fans and followers, he references items that can easily be fit into any budget. In March 2021, Brown took to Instagram to share a photo of his favorite cast iron skillet, made by Lodge brand cookware, and in a recent interview with Times Union, the chef opened up about his affinity for the brand.

“I collect cast iron, so I got a lot of really old stuff, stuff that isn’t made anymore,” Brown told the publication. “If I had to swear what my favorite was, it’d probably be a Griswold from the 1940s — but like I said, they’re not made anymore. From a metallurgical standpoint, Lodge is probably the best around.” He went on to praise the affordability of the Lodge brand, noting,

“There are people out there with foundries that are making very, very boutique metal. But for the money, it’s not possible to be a Lodge 10-inch cast iron pan. And once you’ve invested about 15 years into the surface for your Lodge, it’s hard to give away — even for fancier stuff.”

Lodge brand cast iron is known for being affordable and high-quality

Times Union reports that Lodge brand cookware was founded in 1896 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and is America’s oldest and most enduring cast iron manufacturer. To this day, Lodge is still operated by the descendants of the original founder Joseph Lodge. In addition to the appeal of owning a small piece of American history, those who choose to purchase Lodge cookware could save some money as well.

Amazon features the Lodge pre-seasoned 9-inch skillet for under $20. The skillet is oven safe and designed for use on all cooking surfaces. Made in the USA, the skillet features more than 128,000 reviews, most of them very positive. It seems that for the money, people who want to get their hands on a good cast iron skillet won’t be able to do better than a Lodge brand product.

What is Alton Brown best known for?

Brown is probably best known to viewers as the host of the long-running show Good Eats. The series ran on the Food Network for 16 seasons, earning Brown millions of fans around the world. It went off the air in 2012, only to return for a revival in 2019, introducing Brown to a new generation of viewers. Brown has also made lots of appearances on other Food Network shows, including hosting Cutthroat Kitchen and Iron Chef America

The chef has published multiple bestselling books, including I’m Just Here for the Food: Kitchen User’s Manual, I’m Just Here for More Food: Food × Mixing + Heat = Baking, and Good Eats: The Early Years. Brown is also active on social media, sharing lots of easy recipe hacks and twists on familiar favorites such as a classic roast turkey.

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