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There was one houseguest in Big Brother 24 who had a connection to someone from last season. But Alyssa Lopez is now distancing herself from that cast member after she got backlash.

[SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds that aired on July 10, 2022.]  

‘Big Brother 24’ fans are angry at Alyssa Snider and more

Alyssa Snider poses in a sparkly red top for 'Big Brother 24'.
Alyssa Snider of ‘Big Brother 24’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

People who are watching the live feeds have been upset about how houseguests have been treating Taylor Hale. Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguilar bonded quickly and made a Girls Girls alliance with all the other women except for Taylor and Nicole Layog. They excluded Taylor claiming she wasn’t a “girl’s girl” and a pageant girl. 

The exclusion has gotten so bad that Taylor cried by herself on July 10. Members of The Cookout tweeted their support for Taylor. 

Alyssa Lopez from the same season revealed she knew Snider, who shared the same first name and hometown. “OMG YES!!!! We always talked about how we are both superfans of the show. Keeping the Sarasota & Alyssa name strong #bb24,” Lopez tweeted on July 5. 

Lopez also showed support for Paloma by responding to a tweet of a picture of her. “I think…I might be in love,” she wrote.

Alyssa Lopez tells ‘Big Brother 24’ to save Brittany Hoopes

Fans are angry at Snider, and one person tweeted, “There’s only one Alyssa from Sarasota FL #bb23” with a picture of Lopez. She quoted the tweet and wrote, “Vote for Brittany #bb24.”

The former houseguest then tweeted, clarifying her relationship with Snider. “For those asking, I have never met or hung out with Alyssa in person. We have mutual friends & shared the same fandom of big brother through Instagram. I never heard any negative things about Alyssa & have always been told she is a nice girl. So I was SO excited for a…” she tweeted. 

The reality star continued, “fellow super fan and someone from the same hometown to live out their dream, because I know how excited I was. But that excitement has gone to disappointment in how she’s playing the game. I hope she starts to realize Paloma’s true colors & start thinking for herself! #BB24.”

Snider, Paloma, and Brittany are backstage this week. This means they can’t compete or vote this week. They’re still in danger of going home, but America can vote to save one of them online.

Will Brittany Hoopes win the votes?


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It’s very likely the fans who watch live feeds will vote to save Brittany. Although she’s working with the women who are isolating Taylor, she has been the one not talking negatively about her. 

The second Big Brother episode already foreshadowed the drama around Taylor. Paloma talked about the pageant queen multiple times in her diary room scenes, which might sway viewers not to vote to save her. 

There is still time for things to switch around. Voting ends on July 14.