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Many actors are willing to change their physique for the sake of a role, but Amanda Seyfried isn’t one of them. The actor once opened up about why she was against gaining or losing her weight for films.

Amanda Seyfried once shared she almost lost roles because she was considered ‘overweight’

Amanda Seyfried at the Emmy FYC
Amanda Seyfried | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In some areas in the industry, an actor’s ability isn’t enough to clinch them a role. It’s been well known that a performer sometimes needs a certain physique or look to land a character.

Mean Girls actor Seyfried also experienced this kind of beauty standard in Hollywood. In a tweet she posted in 2014, she confided how her physique used to cost her a few acting opportunities.

“Fun fact: I almost lost out on several roles in my career because I was overweight. Wrong, America,” she wrote.

The tweet wasn’t the first time Seyfried brought up how important a person’s physique could be when pursuing a Hollywood career. In a 2010 interview with Glamour (via Yahoo), Seyfried discussed how hard she worked to maintain her body.

“If I didn’t run and work out, there’s no way I would be this thin,” she said. “But I have to stay in shape because I’m an actress. It’s f***** up and it’s twisted, but I wouldn’t get the roles otherwise. If I’d been a bit bigger, I don’t think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!”

Amanda Seyfried once shared she refused to change her weight for movies

There are certain film roles that require actors to modify their weight or physique. But Seyfried didn’t really agree with physically changing herself for movies. The Les Miserables star believed committing herself to such an extent would have real-life consequences for her health she wanted to avoid.

“That’s so unhealthy. I wouldn’t want to lose or gain any pounds. I don’t want to inflict that on my body, it would make everything out of sync. You’ve got to take care of your body,” she once said in an interview with France’s Grazia (via Contact Music).

Seyfried reminded once again that she’d already put in a considerable amount of work to stay fit. But her workout regimen was something she had to do to maintain her figure.

“Sometimes, like everyone, I eat badly: I love sugar and cheese. I don’t have to struggle to stay slim, but because I’m so short, you see it immediately. Luckily, I lose the weight pretty quickly, I do a lot of exercise, I run and I walk, with my dog of course. I’m sure that with kids, it would be even easier,” she said.

Amanda Seyfried had moments when she didn’t feel good about her body when watching herself in films


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There were still times when The Dropout star didn’t like the way her body appeared on the big screen.

“When I see a scene in a movie where my belly sticks out, I’m like, that doesn’t look good, I’m not going to do that for the next movie. And then I never get there for the next movie; I still have a pudgy belly,” she once said in an interview with Self.

But the star felt it made more sense to accept what some might see as her physical flaws than strive for perfection.

“The reality is, I look back and has my body every been that drastically different? No! So what are the chances of my having a six-pack for the next movie? Slim to non,” she continued. “So why live and breathe exercise when I know I’m just going to eat crap? Moderation is key. You can change your body to an extent, but if it’s taking all the time out of your day and taking up all your thoughts, what’s the point?”