Amber Heard’s Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft Is the ‘Best Lawyer Johnny Depp Has on His Team,’ Courtroom Insider Jokes [Exclusive]

Is Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft actually working undercover for Johnny Depp‘s legal team? Probably not, courtroom insider Danielle Dell’Olio observed.

But Dell’Olio, who spent weeks sitting in court and witnessing the testimony firsthand, said Bredehoft isn’t doing her client any big favors.

Amber Heard’s lawyer is doing a great job for Johnny Depp

“I think Elaine is the best lawyer Johnny Depp has on his team,” Dell’Olio laughed during an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Most times when she gets up, I’m like, ‘Yes!’ but I have to not laugh. But I’m so excited.”

Amber Heard leaves court during the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial
Amber Heard | Ron Sachs/Consolidated News Pictures/Getty Images

Dell’Olio reflected on some of the testimony and Bredehoft’s response in trial from a few weeks ago. “Today she objected so many times that I think the judge was just like ‘Elaine, like if we could not for a minute. Just let someone talk.’ It’s too much. And you saw that viral video with Keenan Wyatt. He’s up there and she’s questioning him like it’s so aggressive. And she’s swearing so aggressively in court. She sounds like that aunt that’s just learned some new swear words like she’s trying to pass it off. It’s like you have got to calm down here, Elaine.”

Is Amber Heard’s lawyer a Johnny Depp fan?

From what Dell’Olio has observed, is Bredehoft a secret Depp fan? Trial observers shared a viral throwback video of Depp greeting a crowd of fans. Some believe they spotted Bredehoft in the crowd seeking attention from Depp.

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Dell’Olio isn’t completely convinced the woman in the video is Bredehoft or that she’s actually trying to slant the trial towards Depp. But, “I will say she is very nice. She complimented my hair one day. I compliment her dress. She is a very nice lady. But yes, I don’t know what’s going on with that case,” she laughed.

Johnny Depp courtroom insider hopes the couple ultimately gets help

“What I have found from looking through the court documents and text messages, everything else I think Amber really believes the majority of her own narrative,” Dell’Olio said. “The psychologist that they had last week, I think she was one of the most reliable sources that they’ve had on so far. I normally don’t take expert witnesses very seriously because they don’t know the couple but she seemed very established [in that] she had a really good background. She knew what she was talking about.”

“[The psychologist] sat with Amber for over 12 hours talking with her, and she was there to evaluate Amber and she seemed super knowledgeable and well read. She said that she would diagnose Amber with borderline personality disorder along with histrionic personality disorder. And everything kind of matched up. And then Elaine, Amber’s lawyer got up and just totally tried to dismiss that.”

“This whole time, especially since seeing them both in person, I just hope Amber has gotten some sort of help,” she added. “I mean, obviously, the two of them are broken people. I think we’ve known Johnny Depp’s been broken for a long time. He had a very rough childhood.”

“But I hope Amber is getting help because she’s had a very rough childhood as well. It doesn’t seem like she’s healed from it. It seems like she’s still carrying on a lot and it has been hard to listen to in court even the stuff about her. So when Elaine started to kind of dispel it, I was like, I hope that your lawyer is just doing it to win your case and that you were actually getting treatment for this. Because I’m a little concerned.”

Dell’Olio provides continuing trial coverage on her podcast, Innocent Til Tipsy, and on her Tiktok.

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