‘American Horror Story’ Season 10: What if Doris Takes the Black Pills While Pregnant?

American Horror Story Season 10 cast member Lily Rabe plays Doris Gardner in “Red Tide.” So far, we’ve seen the Gardner family move to Provincetown, Massachusetts — and viewers have been introduced to the black pills that can make talented folks even more amazing at their craft if they take them. So, what happens if Doris takes the black pills — and what could happen to her unborn child? Here’s what fans theorize.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 cast member Lily Rabe plays a very pregnant Doris

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Lily Rabe is pregnant in “Red Tide” — or, at least, her character, Doris, is. So, was Lily Rabe pregnant during American Horror Story Season 10? It seems it’s possible, but Rabe hasn’t confirmed or denied it. Regardless, as a mother, Rabe brings something special to her character, as Doris and her husband, Harry Gardner, also have a young child, Alma, who’s exceptional at the violin.

American Horror Story Season 10 Episodes 1 and 2 show both Harry and Alma taking the black pills. Harry takes the pills to help cure his writer’s block, and Alma takes them to improve her violin skills. While there was a chance the pill could turn them into the “pale people,” it seems the only side effect for these two is a thirst for blood.

As for Doris, she has yet to take the pills. But it’s more than likely fans will see her make a serious decision about the black pills soon.

What if Doris takes the black pills while pregnant? The ‘Red Tide’ cast member may meet a horrific end

What will happen if Lily Rabe’s pregnant character, Doris, takes the black pills in American Horror Story Season 10? While Harry and Alma didn’t become pale creatures, it’s possible Doris may not get so lucky. While she may have talent as an interior designer, it’s unclear whether this talent stands as enough for her to take the pill and become even better. Otherwise, if the pill deems her talentless, she’ll turn into a creature and lose her humanity.

As for Doris’ baby, it’s unclear what may happen here, too. If Doris takes the pill while pregnant, the pill may affect her unborn child. According to Elite Daily, some fans theorize the child may turn into a pale person and attack her from the inside out, resulting in harm to Doris. Additionally, if the child is deemed extremely talented (or may have talents in the future), perhaps the pill would still make the child thirsty for Doris’ blood.

The publication reminds us the American Horror Story “Red Tide” character continues to talk about Lyme disease as well. This indicates it will certainly come into play. Perhaps Doris will contract Lyme disease and then become toxic to her baby who may try to drink her blood from within. This could save Doris’ life.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 air time

Viewers hoping to catch American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 3 can watch it when it premieres on FX on Wednesday, Sept. 1, at 10 p.m. ET.

Those without cable can still watch “Red Tide” on Hulu the following day. All episodes stream on Hulu on Thursdays following their premiere on Wednesday. Additionally, fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Lily Rabe in past seasons of AHS can watch every previous season on Hulu and Netflix.

We look forward to seeing what episode 3 of this season, “Thirst,” has in store.

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