‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 Episode 3 Title Gives Clue on What’s to Come for Alma

American Horror Story: Double Feature, is already delivering on the mood, the plot, and the twists. So far, fans love part one of the season, Red Tide. And it looks like American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 3 will deliver on more content regarding Alma, the young daughter viewers met in the first two episodes. Here’s the episode 3 title and what it could mean.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 cast member Ryan Kiera Armstrong plays Alma in ‘Red Tide’

In 'American Horror Story' Season 10, Alma, played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong, is a major character. Here's Armstrong waving at an event.
Ryan Kiera Armstrong, actor in ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 as Alma | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

American Horror Story Season 10 cast member Ryan Kiera Armstrong might be a newcomer to the series, but she’s already bringing fantastic actor and creep factor to the table. Armstrong plays Alma, the daughter of writer Harry Gardner who experiences some writer’s block in episode 1. Harry accepts black pills from Evan Peters’ character, Austin Sommers, to assist with his creativity, Looper explains. Alma also takes the black pills to stay more focused on playing the violin.

Unfortunately, the black pills come at a cost. For Alma, the pills (and her substantial improvement with violin) mean she now wants to drink blood. Lily Rabe plays Alma’s mother, Doris, and she further explains Alma’s character and her relentless pursuit of becoming the best.

“For Alma, there’s no compromise for greatness,” Rabe explains. “Alma is not afraid to share with her parents her desire to be the best. As far as she is concerned, nothing will stand in her way in achieving that. I think the writers explored perceived worth, value, and importance in a really interesting way.”

Here’s the episode 3 title — and what it could mean for Alma

The American Horror Story Season 10 title, Double Feature, indicates fans will get two stories in one season. And we know Red Tide introduces the “Pale People” and gives fans the perfect creepy New England setting for the story. So, what is episode 3 all about?

According to the FX Networks preview, the title of episode 3 is “Thirst.” The mini trailer for the episodes shows Alma telling her father she’s “hungry” — and it seems Harry’s the one who will help feed her.

“The most important thing is that you never go get your own blood,” he tells her. “I’ll bring it to you.”

It doesn’t seem like Alma listens to her father’s instructions, though. The written plot synopsis for the episode states, “Alma decides to take matters into her own hands.” Perhaps this means more death is on its way.

What time does ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 come on tonight?

So, what time is American Horror Story Season 10 on? According to the preview for episode 3, fans can watch the new episode via FX at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

Don’t have cable? Fans can also stream the new episodes via Hulu the next day. Currently, the first two episodes of AHS Season 10 are available to stream on Hulu — and a preview for episode 3 remains where the new episode will take its place.

Past seasons of American Horror Story are also available on both Netflix and Hulu. And Hulu exclusively streams American Horror Stories, the spinoff series that features a different story in each episode.

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