‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Reveal the Worst Host Yet

America’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of coaches and hosts across the span of its now 14-year run. From Jerry Springer and Nick Cannon to Tyra Banks and Terry Crews, the hosts have all brought divergent personalities to the table. While some of them are beloved, forever holding a place in our hearts (Nick Cannon), others fail to strike the proper chord, leaving fans dissatisfied.

America's Got Talent
‘America’s Got Talent’ | Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

When browsing through online discussions and various social media posts concerning America’s Got Talent, a few trends emerge concerning fans’ favorite and least favorite hosts. Most people forget about Jerry Springer altogether, so we will do the same for the sake of this post.

As for the best America’s Got Talent host, it often becomes a draw between Terry Crews and Nick Cannon; fans argue that the former is an “amazing host,” for he is “talented in so many areas” and brings a contagious personality to the table. However, others will always favor Nick Cannon’s sense of humor, as well as his interactions with the contestants — even the ones who needed a little comfort following that dreadful X. This leaves only one real option when it comes to the weakest host…

Why many fans of ‘America’s Got Talent’ believe Tyra Banks was the weakest host 

Tyra Banks began hosting America’s Got Talent in season 12, and was recently replaced by Terry Crews. While she managed to please some fans throughout her short stay, many viewers found her to be a needless addition to the team, and argue that she didn’t bring anything new to the table, as opposed to Terry Crews, who entered with an energy all his own. One AGT enthusiast stated:

Tyra doesn’t really add anything, but it’s not like she’s an awful host or anything. She makes pretty good Golden Buzzer picks and isn’t intolerable. I think they could’ve done much worse than Tyra and she was a good substitute for Nick.

Most fans agree that Tyra Banks represents the weakest link of hosts; meaning, she wasn’t necessarily bad, but she wasn’t great either. She just existed as a host, doing what she needed to do to get by. Other fans agree that she started off rough, but grew more genuine with time. One AGT viewer stated:

I think people need to stop comparing her to Nick since we all know Tyra Banks and Nick Cannon are very different people. I also think she’s significantly better this year and is acting more like herself, which makes her more genuine.

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In one online discussion, other fans argue that Tyra Banks specifically catered to the ladies, and didn’t add anything “fun” to spice up the show during and between the various acts. It’s a host’s job to keep things new and exciting; many concur that Tyra Banks dropped the ball a bit in this area. 

In the end, most fans agree that Tyra Banks has been the worst of the America’s Got Talent hosts, but they often cite the difficulty of following in Nick Cannon’s shoes and preceding the highly entertaining Terry Crews, whose energy is undeniably contagious.