‘Among Us’: The ‘Stranger Things’ Mod Is Only Accessible By Accident

Many video games have seen a rapid rise to fame over the years. Fortnite took the gaming community by storm and made people like Ninja well-known and wealthy. Several games became addictive to play, like Candy Crush. Recently, Among Us turned into one of the most top-rated titles out there. 

Even though a person enjoys a game, it does not mean they do not wish to see some improvements. Mods can give people what they desperately want. One interesting Among Us mod is based on Stranger Things. However, players can only see it through sheer luck. 

‘Among Us’ makes people suspicious of each other

In 2018, American game studio Innersloth released a multiplayer video game titled Among Us. It would not be until 2020 when the game increased in popularity. Plenty of well-known people have played Among Us, including Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch.

The basic premise of Among Us is similar to that of Town of Salem and Mafia. Up to 10 people can play per round, and at least one person gets chosen at random to be the Imposter. In a spaceship, the Imposter’s goal is to kill enough Crewmates to win. They can sabotage areas of the ship as part of their strategy. 

Crewmates either have to complete all of their tasks or vote out all the Imposters to win. A player can call a meeting or report a body to bring everyone to the discussion and voting phase. When Crewmates die, their ghosts can still do tasks. Dead Imposters can continue sabotaging as well. 

People can play Among Us on mobile or computer devices. The game received positive reviews from fans and critics, and it earned a few awards. 

Fans create mods to improve their favorite video games

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For years, people have created fan-made files to implement into video games. While they tend to be for the PC platform, mods allow players to enjoy each digital world in a new way. Mods can serve different purposes depending on what the developer wants to improve. 

Some of them can change the appearance of certain characters, and others improve the environmental textures. Several mods for games like Skyrim add humor, like changing out the dragons for Thomas the Tank Engine. The Happy Ending Mod for Mass Effect 3 alters the ending of the game. 

Players can use mods to make a game more challenging. They can allow enemies to be more dangerous or force players to eat and drink to survive. The Elder Scrolls series has plenty of options for people wanting to up the ante.  

Some video games will have more mods than others. Popularity can contribute to a title having fewer mods. Several multiplayer games do not allow people to add mods for the sake of fairness. 

Players can only access the ‘Stranger Things’ mod by luck

Stranger Things logo
Stranger Things logo | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

Among Us allows players to implement mods in the game. For example, one adds extra roles, so it Is not only Crewmates and Imposters running around. According to Screen Rant, the social deduction game has a couple of mods based on popular TV shows. 

One of them contains the theme of Stranger Things. Stranger Things is a series on Netflix, and it is about a girl with telekinesis and monsters from another dimension. The Among Us mod turns Imposters into Mind Flayers and Demogorgons. Each monster has its own set of unique abilities. 

However, the public cannot access the Stranger Things mod. Players can only experience it by accident upon entering a match. A person would have to enter multiple lobbies in the hope of finding a game that is running the mod. Perhaps, it will become public in the future.