According to Amy, PJ Duncan’s Middle Name in ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Was Actually Inspired by 1 ‘Star Wars’ Character

Turns out, even fictional characters on Disney Channel are inspired by the Star Wars universe. What is PJ Duncan’s real name? What’s Toby’s middle name? Here’s what we know about these characters in the Disney Channel series, Good Luck Charlie

For one episode of ‘Good Luck Charlie’ PJ learned that his real name is ‘Potty John’

There are five children in the Duncan family, (PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie, and Toby,) although some of them go by their nicknames. That includes Charlie, whose real name is Charlotte. PJ’s real name is Patty John, although it wasn’t always correct on his birth certificate, thanks to Bob Duncan.

As the oldest Duncan child, Bob and Amy Duncan wanted to name PJ after their relative, Patrick John. The day that PJ was born, though, Bob was pretty tired and wasn’t paying attention when they asked for PJ’s full name. As a result, instead of being Patty John, like they planned, PJ’s birth name became “Potty John.” 

He didn’t find that out until he needed his birth certificate for something, which Bob had avoided changing for years. He eventually gets it changed, though, even keeping the surprise middle name that PJ doesn’t use.

Disney Channel's 'Good Luck Charlie'
Disney Channel’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’ | Ron Tom/DISNEY CHANNEL via Getty Images

PJ’s middle name is actually ‘PJ Darth Duncan’

For one episode of the series, when Amy Duncan scolded her son, she used his middle name, which is actually “Darth.” This name was inspired by Darth Vader, the character from the original Star Wars trilogy. 

That means PJ’s full name is Patrick John Darth “PJ” Duncan. However, the oldest son isn’t the only Duncan member with a Star Wars-inspired name. Turns out, Toby Duncan also has a Star Wars character as his middle name.

Toby Duncan has a pretty unique middle name, as well

During season 3 of this Disney Channel original series, fans saw the fifth Duncan child come into the world. After an eventful day of Gabe and PJ trying to throw a birthday party for Charlie, Amy learns she’s having the baby. 

They eventually all make it to the hospital, where Amy and Bob share that they named the baby Toby, choosing the name that Gabe picked out. (It was actually put to a vote by fans of the series.) Toby has a unique middle name, though inspired by one of the characters from the original Star Wars movies.

Toby’s middle name is Toby Wan-Kenobi Duncan. (This is a play on Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the Jedis from this franchise.) Turns out, Bob Ducan is a pretty big fan of the movies, Amy said, and that’s where the name came from.

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