Amy Poehler Didn’t Remember They Said F— 60 Times in ‘Sisters’: ‘That’s Going to Go on My Tombstone’

Amy Poehler became famous for her work in Saturday Night Live, which she parlayed into films like Sisters. A fan-favorite due to her physical comedy dexterity, Poehler found success on the big screen. In a January 2022 interview, Poehler opened up about her experience in the 2015 comedy with her good friend Tina Fey — including the number of times she swore in the movie. 

Amy Poehler forgot they said ‘f—‘ 60 times in ‘Sisters’

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler attend the 'Sisters' world premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on December 8, 2015 in New York City.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler attend the ‘Sisters’ world premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on December 8, 2015 in New York City. | Donna Ward/WireImage

Poehler is best known to many as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. But she’s also appeared in several movies, often alongside Fey. In a January 24 interview with IMDb, Poehler was surprised by one striking fact about Sisters: how many times they uttered a particular swear word.

“We said the f-word 60 times in Sisters?” Poehler exclaimed. “That’s great. You know, that was sexist of me to not think it was Sisters. I’m sorry.” She continued to joke. “We said it 30 times each. It was in our contract. Tina and I had to say it the exact same amount.” Poehler added, “Wow, that’s gonna go on my tombstone.”

‘Sisters’ was the second film collaboration between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

Poehler became friends with Fey pre-SNL when they worked together at Second City in Chicago. They formed a close bond on the sketch comedy show, most notably anchoring the Weeknd Update segment together. In 2008, the two starred in their first feature film together, Baby Mama. The comedy was a box-office hit, and soon, fans clamored for more.

In 2015, Fey and Poehler collaborated once again on Sisters, which Fey also produced. The movie tells the story of two adult sisters — Kate, an irresponsible single mother, played by Fey, and Maura, a recently divorced nurse (Poehler). The movie didn’t land the way their previous collaboration did, but viewers loved seeing Fey and Poehler reunite onscreen. 

Since then, Fey and Poehler teamed up once more in Poehler’s directorial debut, Wine Country. Additionally, they’ve co-hosted the Golden Globes a few times.

What movie uses the ‘F’ word the most?

Poehler may be impressed by the amount she says f— in Sisters. But it’s far from the only film to feature an extreme amount of profanity. According to IMDb, the top five movies with the most use of f— include Casino, with 398 uses of the word; Nil by Mouth, with 428; Summer of Sam, with 435; and 2019’s Uncut Gems, with 560. 

Since 2013, the movie that has held the record for the most uses of the “f—” word is The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. IMDb notes that the profane word is included in the film a staggering 569 times. Notably, Jonah Hill’s character in the film holds the distinction of being first in terms of the rate of swear words of any movie character, with 74 expletives per 1,000 words.

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