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Amy Slaton of ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Was ‘Scared as Hell’ to Be Pregnant Before Welcoming ‘Miracle’ Baby

Amy Slaton is a proud mama! The 1000-lb Sisters star and her husband Michael have welcomed a baby boy, Gage, as seen in the March 1 episode of her TLC series. Though Amy was eager to have a child, she said she was “scared” when she learned she was pregnant.

Amy Slaton is a proud mama! The 1000-lb Sisters star and her husband Michael have welcomed a baby boy, Gage, as seen in the March 1 episode of the TLC series. Gage Deon Halterman arrived in November 2020, weighing 5 lbs., 6 oz. and measuring 17½ inches. 

Amy’s journey to motherhood had a happy ending, but the reality TV star admitted she had some complicated feelings when she learned she was pregnant not long after having bariatric weight loss surgery.

Amy Slaton was ‘scared’ when she learned she was pregnant 

Amy has known she wanted to be a mother since she was a child. But her pregnancy came with risks. The 33-year-old discovered she was expecting just four months after she had weight loss surgery. Doctors had advised her to wait at least 2 years to try to get pregnant after the surgery. 

When Amy told her sister Tammy Slaton she was having a baby, she expressed her fears.   

“I know, it’s like, I’m scared as hell, because it was only four months ago [that I had] my surgery and now I’m pregnant,” Amy said in an episode of 1000-lb Sisters. 

Tammy also had concerns. “When I first heard that Amy was pregnant I was feeling all sorts of things, I was mad and sad and worried about her health and safety since it was so soon after her surgery,” she told People.

The ‘1000-lb Sisters’ star says holding her baby was ‘surreal’ 

Portrait of Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters
Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters | TLC

Gage’s birth was featured on 1000-lb Sisters. In the episode, viewers watched as Amy held her son — who was born via C-section — for the first time.  

“He’s so small,” she says. “I wanna see how much hair you got,” she adds as she peeks under his hat. “Oh my God, he’s got so much hair, and it’s curly-ish.” 

“Holding Gage for the first time felt surreal,” Amy shared in a confessional. “My heart just melted. He was so perfect. His little fingers, his toes.” 

Amy said when she looked at her baby — whose birth she described as a “miracle” — she envisioned his whole life. 

“Looking at Gage, I just see his whole future basically, as he’s going off to college,” Amy said. “It’s an emotion you can’t really talk about because you just love him so much you don’t have words to explain how much you love him.” 

Amy thought her sister Tammy would be happier about the baby 


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Amy was over-the-moon about her new baby, but when she introduced him to Tammy during a video call, her sister had a pretty muted reaction. While Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry offered his congratulations, Tammy stayed silent at first. Amy couldn’t help but notice. 

“I thought Tammy would be more happy about the baby,” Amy said in a confessional. “Maybe she was in shock because he’s so cute.”

But soon, Tammy seemed to warm up to Gage a bit, calling him a “jellybean.”

“Amy really wanted a family and to have a baby,” Tammy said in a confessional, before explaining that she was happy to just be an aunt. “I’m glad she got her wish.”

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