‘And Just Like That…’: 2 Theories That Could Explain the Reappearance of Carrie Bradshaw’s Stolen Fendi Baguette

Sex and the City fans know just how much Carrie Bradshaw loves her shoes. She has worn some stunning pairs during the franchise’s six-season run, two movies, and now the HBO Max reboot. While Carrie’s main obsession is her heels, she is also fond of high-end handbags. In season 3 of the original series, she had one of her Fendi bags stolen. That same handbag reappeared in And Just Like That… leading fans to question how the sex columnist got her purse back. While it may be a plot hole, two workable theories could explain how she got the coveted baguette back in her hands. 

A bag that was stolen during ‘Sex and the City’ showed up in ‘And Just Like That…’ 

Sex and the City rarely shied away from portraying the negative things that can happen in a large city. In season 3, Carrie was robbed of her shoes and her handbag when she happened down a street she didn’t know well. She was so stunned that she reminded her armed robber that she was carrying a baguette and not a bag. 

Carrie Bradshaw's Fendi Bag is seen in a scene from 'And Just Like That...'
Carrie Bradshaw | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie was devastated to lose her purse and her Manolo Blahniks. Fans didn’t forget the purple, sequined Fendi baguette, either. When it popped up on Carrie’s shoulder in And Just Like That… fans had questions. We have a couple of theories that could make it all make sense. 

Did the police find Carrie Bradshaw’s Fendi bag? 

The reappearance of Carrie Bradshaw’s Fendi bag in And Just Like That… certainly deserves an explanation. Since the show’s writers didn’t offer one, fans could easily theorize that the police found Carrie’s bag and returned it to her. 

Sure, it’s a long shot, but it’s possible that the police did work on Carrie’s case and happened upon the bag. If the robber pawned the bag, it makes it more likely that the bag could make its way back to Carrie. According to regulations, New York City pawnbrokers must verify that items they sell or hold as collateral for a loan are not stolen. Since Carrie filed a police report, the bag’s description would have been on file. 

While it seems unlikely that the police would have returned the bag to Carrie this way, it isn’t completely impossible. There, however, is a far more likely explanation for how Carrie’s long-lost handbag reappeared.

Fendi reissued Carrie Bradshaw’s Fendi bag 

While the idea of a gorgeous police officer returning the bag to Carrie is fun, the explanation is a lot more ordinary. Carrie didn’t get her exact purse back. She just bought another one. Sure, you might be thinking that finding that exact purse would have been difficult. You would be correct if Fendi hadn’t reissued the same bag. 

Seema Patel and Carrie Bradshaw eat together in an episode of 'And Just Like That...'
Seema Patel and Carrie Bradshaw | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Fendi partnered with Sarah Jessica Parker to craft baguettes to celebrate And Just Like That… The iconic designer re-released two baguettes in honor of the series. Parker’s character sported both of them. One was the stolen Fendi design from season 3. Fendi also released a pink sequined baguette that Carrie carried in episode 9 of And Just Like That…

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