‘And Just Like That’ May Have Already Introduced Carrie’s New Love Interest

And Just Like That has just started streaming on HBO Max, and fans just can’t stop talking about the exciting series. The show, a reboot of the iconic Sex and the City franchise, premiered on the streaming platform on December 9, releasing the first two episodes for fans to enjoy.

And Just Like That shocked many fans right out of the gate, killing off a character who has been a series mainstay since the beginning of Sex and the City. While fans reel from the death, showrunners might already have Carrie Bradshaw’s next evolution planned, a reintroduction into the world of dating that could really throw viewers for a loop. 

‘And Just Like That’ will likely feature Carrie Bradshaw dating again

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'And Just Like That...' sits at a Mac computer wearing glasses.
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Max

At the end of the first episode of And Just Like That, fans watched as Carrie Bradshaw’s husband, John James Preston, better known as “Big,” died of a heart attack. While it had long been speculated, according to Insider, that the revival would feature a major character’s death, fans were shocked and saddened by the passing of Mr. Big, Carrie’s longtime love interest.

With Big’s death now in the rearview, many fans are looking ahead to what’s next for Carrie. After all, Carrie and Big had been together for years, and even though Carrie was known as a legendarily single lady, there was no doubt that she and Big had found true love. Many of the teasers for And Just Like That seem to hint at Carrie entering the world of dating again—and some eagle-eyed fans have wondered if showrunners might have already sneaked a peek at Carrie’s new love interest. 

Has ‘And Just Like That’ already introduced Carrie’s new love interest?

And Just Like That has definitely flipped the switch on the narrative that many fans might have been expecting—and there are likely more surprises to come. However, when it comes to a potential new love interest for Carrie Bradshaw, showrunners might have already tipped their hats.

In a brand-new promo for upcoming episodes of the show, a handsome man with salt and pepper hair can be seen smiling, in between shots of Carrie working on the podcast that she hosts with her friend Che. Some fans have wondered if this mystery man could be Carrie’s new love interest.

The man has not been featured in the first episode of And Just Like That, with a quick snapshot of his face during a scene so it seems likely that he will make his debut in the third or fourth series episodes – possibly shedding some light on his relationship with Carrie in the process. 

‘And Just Like That’ is the latest chapter of ‘Sex and the City’

Some fans have already speculated that Carrie Bradshaw will get into a relationship with an as-yet-unnamed character played by the actor Jon Tenney. Parker and Tenney were spotted kissing while filming And Just Like That, all while standing in front of Carrie’s iconic NYC apartment. According to Screen Rant, it is possible that the photos (and the kiss) were staged in order to throw journalists off the scent of the real plotline – but it is equally possible that Tenney is the actor who will be portraying Carrie’s new love, following Big’s death. 

It could be a while before fans learn the truth behind Carrie’s new journey, since showrunners will want to also focus on the relationships between Miranda, Charlotte, and their new friends – but with new episodes of And Just Like That dropping on Thursdays throughout December, there’s going to be plenty of new content for both longtime fans and new ones to enjoy.

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