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‘And Just Like That…’ Castmember, Cathy Ang, Reveals That She Didn’t See ‘Sex and the City’ Until After She Landed Her Part

Cathy Ang is all set to play Lily Goldenblatt in 'And Just Like That...', the 'Sex and the City' reboot. While Ang knew what the show was, she hadn't ever actually seen it. Ang didn't bother to watch the original series until after she had been cast. Still, she used some 'Sex and the City' material to prepare for her audition.

The Sex and the City reboot is getting closer to its premiere. HBO Max expects to release the limited series, And Just Like That…, before the year’s end. While fans are excited to catch up with Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York, they are equally happy to meet new characters and secondary characters who are expected to have an expanded role, including the show’s kids. The actors playing the show’s kids are all a bit young to have caught Sex and the City during its original go-around. Cathy Ang, the actor playing Lily Goldenblatt, made a startling revelation during a sit-down interview about the famed series that proves just that.  

Cathy Ang will play Lily Goldenblatt in ‘And Just Like That…’ 

Ang is set to take on the role of Lily York Goldenblatt, the daughter of Charlotte and Harry Goldenblatt. The last time fans connected with Lily, and her younger sister Rose Goldenblatt, they were still youngsters. In Sex and the City 2, Lily was just six years old, and Rose was still a toddler. When And Just Like That… premieres, the sisters will be teenagers. 

Cathy Ang walks down the street as Lily Goldenblatt in 'And Just Like That...'
Cathy Ang as Lily Goldenblatt | James Devaney/GC Images

The character of Lily isn’t new to fans of the original series, but she’s new to Ang. This is the first time she’ll take on the role. The actors who played Lily in both movies, Alexandra and Parker Fong, have since quit acting. Ang isn’t the only actor replacing one of the original Sex and the City kids, though. The role of Brady Hobbes, originally played by Joseph Pupo, has been recast, as well. Niall Cunningham will step into the part. Twins Lilianna and Sabrina Pizzuto initially played Rose York Goldenblatt. Alexa Swinton will portray the character moving forward. 

Cathy Ang watched the ‘Sex and the City’ movies before her audition 

Ang was hyped to land an audition for the highly anticipated Sex and the City reboot, but admittedly, she didn’t know much about the pop culture icon. She set out to do her research. Still, her method of preparing for the audition might seem a bit unconventional to fans of the original series. Instead of digging in and watching the show, she jumped right over the series and viewed the two movies that followed instead. 

Evan Handler, Kristin Davis, Cathy Ang, Alexa Swinton and Mario Cantone on the set of 'And Just LIke That...'
Evan Handler, Kristin Davis, Cathy Ang, Alexa Swinton and Mario Cantone on the set of ‘And Just Like That…’ | James Devaney/GC Images

Ang’s method actually made a lot of sense when you think about it, though. Her character never actually appeared in Sex and the City. A picture of baby Lily was shown in the series finale, but the youngster didn’t make an actual appearance until the first movie. In that first movie, Lily was four. Some fans argue that Lily was partially to blame for Mr. Big leaving Carrie at the altar. Lily also appeared in Sex and the City 2, albeit briefly. 

She didn’t watch the original series until after she landed her role in ‘And Just Like That…’ 

Ang sat down and watched both movies when she landed an audition for And Just Like That.., but she reserved a complete rewatch of the series for after she won the part. Ang told Cosmopolitan that she didn’t really understand the hype of Sex and the City until after she had been cast as Lily and actually watched the show.  

Sex and the City: Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker stand on the street
Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker | Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Thankfully, she liked the series. She told the publication that she binged the series in a week. In fact, she said she was happy she hadn’t watched earlier, as it likely wouldn’t have resonated with her when she was younger. While Ang is portraying a teenager in the series, she is 26 years old. Lily, who Charlotte and Harry adopted as a baby in 2004, should be around 17 in the reboot.