Angela Simmons Explains Her Unbreakable Connection With Bow Wow

Angela Simmons has no idea why so many people are invested in her love life. She’s mostly asked questions about her relationships with Bow Wow and Romeo Miller. While Simmons rules out the possibility of a romantic relationship between she and Miller, she says Bow Wow holds a special place in her heart.

Bow Wow and Angela Simmons
Bow Wow and Angela Simmons | Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

Bow Wow and Angela Simmons had an on-again-off-again relationship

The two Growing Up Hip Hop stars met as teenagers and had an instant attraction. They began dating but split, with Bow Wow citing Simmons’ vow to remain a virgin until marriage as the reason. 

“Our bond was like a Martin and Gina thing. There will always be that question of ‘What if?” he said during one episode of the show. The commitment for him to wait until marriage became too difficult.

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Still, Simmons admits she held out hope for a reconciliation, starting a pattern of the two breaking up and making up several times. When Bow Wow asked how many times he broke her heart, Simmons replied, “a million.” 

“I believed that maybe—in some fantasy— we could be and that was gonna work,” she told him.

Shortly after the episode aired, Bow Wow expressed that she simply isn’t ready for a relationship with Simmons. 

“I don’t get why yall want us together sooo [sic] bad. I’ve never lived my life for others,” he told a fan on Twitter. “If me and Angela get together we do. But we been thru [sic] alot and I’m not ready for commitment as of yet.”

The rapper also notes that she’s focused on fatherhood. He has one daughter and recently welcomed a son in 2020.

Angela Simmons says Bow Wow is her ‘homie’

Simmons and Bow Wow remain close friends in spite of the two dating intermittently and having other romantic relationships with other partners. 

The daughter of Rev Run says it’s easy for her and Bow Wow to maintain a friendship because friendship is their foundation.

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“I’ve known Bow since I was like 17,” she told Hollywood Unlocked during a recent interview. “We just had a lot of back and forth. I love Bow to death. People gotta know that’s my homie. If he calls me and needs me for anything, I’m here. That’s my people.”

Simmons says throughout it all, they’ve supported one another, saying.

We grew together. I saw him have his first kid – I saw everything, so I was just in the mix…He was always there. Even when I was in a relationship when I was younger, after I broke up with the guy I was with, I called him and I remember the day I found out [the] dude was cheating  and he was like, ‘See, I told you.’ He’s just that guy that was always there. Bow has always been there for me and he’s definitely a close homie of mine.

For Simmons, she doesn’t rule out the possibility of the two ever being together again. She says she believes that wherever is meant to be, will be.