Why Angelina Jolie Could be the Movie Star the Weeknd Is Referencing in a New Song

Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest stars in the world, an actor who has also made a name for herself as a humanitarian and cause-driven activist. As someone who has been in the public eye for decades, Jolie’s love life has been a constant source of speculation among tabloids and fans alike.

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In recent months, rumors have swirled that Jolie is dating the Weeknd, a musician and creator who is quite a bit younger than Jolie. While Jolie has remained mum about it all, the Weeknd’s new song could be a sly reference to his relationship with the star. 

People are speculating that the Weeknd’s song ‘Here We Go…Again’ is about Angelina Jolie

The Weeknd recently released his brand-new album, Dawn FM. The album is full of brand-new songs, including a new tune called “Here We Go…Again.” In the song, the Weeknd sings about an exciting new relationship, as well as thinking back to an ex-partner and where they are with their romantic future. It didn’t take long before fans started speculating about the subject of the song “Here We Go…Again.”

The Weeknd is known for writing songs that mirror his own personal life, although he doesn’t often open up about the inspiration for his tunes. Still, it’s hard to ignore the parallels in “Here We Go…Again” and The Weeknd’s real-life rumored romance with Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood superstar. 

What lyrics in ‘Here We Go…Again’ could reference Angelina Jolie?

In “Here We Go…Again,” the Weeknd sings about dating a “movie star,” with lyrics like “And my new girl, she a movie star, My new girl, she a movie star.” He goes on to sing “I loved her right, make her scream like Neve Campbell, But when I make her laugh, swear it cures my depressin’ thoughts, ‘Cause baby girl, she a movie star, Baby girl, she a movie star,” according to Elle, all lyrics that definitely seem to reference a relationship with a Hollywood A-lister.

He then sings about falling in love, saying “I told myself that I’d never fall, But here we go again.” Further proof that The Weeknd is singing about his own personal life comes when he sings about an ex, with lyrics that read “Your girlfriend’s tryna pair you with somebody more famous, but instead you ended up with someone so basic, faceless, Someone to take your pictures and frame it.” Notably, the Weeknd used to date model Bella Hadid – these days, according to Elle, the two are exes, with Hadid in a new relationship with art director Marc Kalman. 

Angelina Jolie hasn’t confirmed she’s in a relationship with The Weeknd

Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd were first linked in June 2021, with the two reportedly spotted together enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Although neither Jolie nor the Weeknd, born Abel Tesfaye, spoke out publicly about the meeting, many jumped to the idea that the two were embarking on a new relationship. Notably, the Weeknd is about 15 years younger than Jolie, who was previously married to actor Brad Pitt. 

After their initial meal together, Jolie and the Weeknd were spotted together several more times. The Sun notes that the two were seen enjoying a private concert in the summer of 2021, and then a few more meals together throughout the latter part of the year. Through it all, neither star has talked about their relationship or defined it for fans. In fact, the song “Here We Go…Again” is the most clarification that fans have gotten about Jolie and the Weeknd to date.

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