What Is Ann Dowd’s Net Worth?

Ann Dowd has been an actor for over 40 years and has appeared in several notable shows and movies. Despite this, it wasn’t until the last decade or so that the acclaimed actor took off toward the A-List. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the biggest hits on television, and it’s helped not only her resume but her bank account, too. With more projects coming in the future, too, she may just be getting started. 

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Who is Ann Dowd?

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According to IMDb, Dowd has been working the stage for over 40 years. After dipping her toes in the water in the eighties and building herself an impressive stage resume, her minor roles in big movies like Lorenzo’s Oil and Philadelphia allowed her to showcase the talent that we now take for granted years before her first big break.

After more prominent roles in several films, Dowd helped kick off her television career with Nothing Sacred, a short-lived drama from 1998. Dowd’s career took off even further in 2012 when her performance in Compliance garnered critical praise and several awards and nominations.

After another hit show in The Leftovers and a memorable turn in the film Captain Fantastic, she capped that off with roles in Masters of Sex and True Detective. Despite entering her sixties around this time, however, her turn as Aunt Lydia on Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale made her a part of television history, and it’s paying off generously four years later.

What is Ann Dowd’s net worth?

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Dowd’s hard work is paying off. Her unlikely success has made her one of television’s go-to actors when they need someone who can give her all to any role she takes. As such, while she might not make the superstar money, Dowd isn’t hurting, either. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dowd has $4 million to her name. 

Add to that her husband, actor, and filmmaker Lawrence Arancio, and it’s safe to say that the pair are living large and comfortably. Still, Dowd isn’t content with her current success. She already has a couple of exciting new projects and her recent hit series to build on. 

What’s next for Ann Dowd?

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Dowd may be a Hollywood and television veteran at this point, but her star has never been higher. Aunt Lydia has entered the lexicon as one of the most memorable villains in television history. While we don’t know what the character’s immediate future is, Dowd’s recent interview with Uproxx might give viewers a hint of what’s to come. 

Noting how Aunt Lydia is always on top of things, Dowd spoke about her personal journey with the character going forward. After Uproxx asked about the character’s future, be it on the show or in a spinoff, Dowd seemed open to the idea of taking her character even further.

“I think they will gradually bring her to the place where she begins The Testaments. She doesn’t miss a thing, Lydia. Do you know what I mean? She takes it all in. I think she believes in that motto, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ She’s endured a lot. She’s provoked a lot; she’s caused a lot of pain in people’s lives but she also loves them. Who is that person?”  

With Handmaid’s Tale airing now, Dowd has two other projects coming up. The first, Shoot the Rooster, is a film about a woman trying to reunite her family before she dies. The second, The President is Missing, is an upcoming television movie based on a book by James Patterson and former President Bill Clinton. 

Dowd has been in Hollywood many years, but her star has never been brighter. Now, she is a hot commodity who shows no signs of slowing down. Her hard work, talent, and penchant for picking the right roles have paid her very well. On top of that, however, they have shown how one role can change someone’s career forever.