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We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years — and thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar bringing their kids into the spotlight, we’ve gotten to know their way of life. From the family dress code to courtship rules, fans have long scratched their heads at what goes on in the big Arkansas home. And the Duggar family’s homeschooling tactics have also come under fire.

Jim Bob and Michelle still homeschool their kids who live under their roof. And many of their adult children with families of their own have adopted the same schooling methods. Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, posted to Instagram about how much she adores homeschooling. But we can’t ignore that this post didn’t come too long after Jill Duggar told her followers she’s sending her son to public school.

The Duggars are known for homeschooling their kids

Raising 19 children is difficult enough — but Jim Bob and Michelle also chose to homeschool each of their children. And their religion has everything to do with it. The Duggars are devout independent Baptists, and their religious upbringing informs all of their strict rules. Michelle also mentioned to TLC that she wanted her children to have a Christian-based curriculum that she could teach them.

Back in 2011, the Duggars participated in a homeschooling conference. And they spoke out about their decision-making process there, too. “Bible says to train up your children when you get up in the morning when you sit down, walk by the way, and when you go to bed at night … and we really felt like in order to do to fulfill that command, we really wanted to homeschool our children,” Jim Bob told KLTV.

The oldest (and most controversial) Duggar child, Josh, also spoke to reporters. “It’s a very inspiring conference,” he said, “and I think the focus is really on encouraging families to be the best that they can be, to serve God and serve others first.”

Jill Duggar recently announced she’s sending her son to public school

We’re betting a number of Jim Bob and Michelle’s older kids will choose to homeschool their little ones. But Jill is going off the beaten path. She and husband Derick Dillard are branching away from the family, and Derick has also spoken against Jill’s parents. The couple also proved they’re not following in traditional Duggar footsteps when they announced they were sending their oldest son, Israel, to public school.

“Look who’s registered for kindergarten!” Jill captioned her post of Israel on Feb. 22. And she also added a video of Israel’s first day to her Dillard Family blog.

Eagle-eyed fans could’ve seen this coming, too. Derick attended public school his entire life, and when an Instagram follower asked him if he’d allow his kids to go, he told them yes.

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, made it clear she’s still homeschooling

We’re not sure what Jinger, Jessa, and Joy-Anna will decide for their children. But Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, made it clear she adores homeschooling. She even did an interview with the Duggar Family Fan Blog and explained how she’s navigated that world.

“After high school, I did an online Christian college program in early child education,” Anna explained, “but what has helped me the most has been taking advice from my mom, my mother-in-law, and other homeschooling veterans.”

On April 22, Anna posted about homeschooling to her Instagram, too. “That moment when I look up from tutoring with one of my children and see my daughters snuggled up together in the living working on their school — it makes my heart melt!” she captioned her post of her daughters.

“Sure, it’s hard work for any momma, but it is so worth it!” Anna added. “The days are long, but these years will fly by and I’m so thankful for the extra time homeschooling allows our family to grow together!”

We won’t expect Josh and Anna to enroll their kids in the public school system anytime soon. But we’re interested to know how they really feel about Jill’s decisions. Perhaps one day, we’ll find out!

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