Anna Duggar’s Instagram Followers Are Telling Her How Gorgeous She Looks in a Photo With Her Son

There are plenty of controversial members of the Duggar family, but Josh Duggar made national headlines. He’s known for his sexual assault allegations back in 2015, and after that, his relationship with wife Anna Duggar came into question when he was found to have had multiple accounts on the cheating website Ashley Madison.

Despite the hardships, Anna is standing by Josh’s side. And she’s still posting to her public Instagram for all of her followers to see what her life with her six kids looks like now. While the majority of her posts revolve around her kids, a post added on Feb. 6 is making many comment on how beautiful the busy mom looks today.

Anna Duggar appeared to change up her look in October 2019

The Duggars grew up with ultra-strict rules regarding their clothing. And the Duggar women also chose to keep their hair long due to their religious ways. We know Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters weren’t allowed to wear pants or revealing tops growing up — but their adult kids have since gone their own ways. And it looks like Anna Duggar is also branching out with her look.

On Oct. 31, 2019, Anna posted a photo of herself holding Amy Duggar’s son, Dax. And many commented on her new hairstyle, as it looked like she went with a new color and cut.

“You’re absolutely beautiful. I love your new hair color and style,” one follower commented on her Instagram.

Another wrote, “This is an awesome hair color. I think you just get more beautiful the older you get. Your sweet spirit shines from you.”

Many thought she looked exhausted after giving birth to baby No. 6

While many loved Anna’s look back in October, there’s no doubt she’s busy with her kids, her husband, and her social media. She posted back in November that she gave birth to her sixth child, Maryella. But since the baby arrived just one day ahead of Thanksgiving, Anna didn’t get much downtime between the holidays and caring for her newborn.

“For those who are asking, I’ve spent Thanksgiving Day in bed resting and bonding with Maryella Hope,” Anna posted to Instagram on Nov. 28. “When it came time for our family to read our Thanksgiving chain, I threw a sweater over my nightgown joined the rest of our family for this special tradition…and then I headed back to bed!”

Anna may have taken some time off for the baby when Maryella was just born, but five days later, she was back on her feet and at a Duggar family party. “Little Maryella Hope made her debut (at 5 days old) for her first #familynight with the big family…and she seemed to enjoy it so much!” Anna posted to Instagram on Dec. 2.

Many thought Anna looked exhausted, though.

“Oh god, Anna looks exhausted. She gave birth, what, five minutes before this picture was taken?” a Reddit user wrote.

Some followers are saying she looks beautiful in a new Instagram photo

It looks like Anna may have taken some time for herself to recharge. She posted a photo of herself with her son, Michael, on Feb. 6. Anna added the hashtag #homeducation, indicating they’re going through one of their homeschooling sessions. And many of her followers think she looks radiant.

“You look gorgeous Anna !” one follower commented.

“Anna, the older you get, the more beautiful you get. God bless you precious girl,” another wrote.

“How on earth do you have six kids, homeschool them and manage to do your make up and hair everyday?!” another questioned.

It’s clear Anna makes time for her family no matter what. And we love that she’s posting photos featuring herself, too. We’re happy to see Anna looking so great as she teaches her son, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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