Anna Duggar’s Sister Builds House in Texas, Sparks Suspicion of Anna’s Future

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, continues to stick by Josh’s side. The Duggar family member’s sentencing ruled that he’ll have to spend the next 12.5 years in prison due to downloading child sexual abuse material on a computer at his workplace. Now suspicion is mounting that Anna might move to be closer to Josh during his prison stint. Here’s what’s going on with Anna’s sister.

Where is Anna Duggar now? She appears to still live in Arkansas after Josh Duggar’s sentencing

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar from the Duggar family standing next to each other and smiling at an event
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Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar lived in Arkansas together prior to Josh’s arrest. So, where is Anna now? It appears she hasn’t made any major moves out of Arkansas just yet. In fact, she and Josh allegedly lived on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s property with their six (now seven) kids in a warehouse. It’s likely Anna still lives in the same place currently.

Duggar family followers figured out Anna and Josh were living on Josh’s parents’ property after the couple sold their farmhouse in 2019. Josh and Anna purchased a five-bedroom home in 2016 for only $55,000, but in 2019, they decided to sell. The home sold for $285,000, which was $15,000 under their asking price, according to Radar Online. Since selling their home, it appears the couple’s lived in the warehouse in northwest Arkansas.

Her sister built a house in Texas and sparked suspicion of a move

Now that Josh Duggar’s sentencing puts him in a Texas prison, what does that mean for Anna Duggar? There’s suspicion that she’ll move to be close to him. According to The Sun, Anna’s sister, Priscilla, and her brother-in-law, David, have two homes available in Texas. The couple bought .05 acres of land in 2020 for $8,280, and they built a single-family ranch home on the land. Additionally, they purchased a 1,296-square-foot home in 2018 for $64,050. 

The home that Priscilla and David built is about two hours from FCI Seagoville where Josh is staying, and the home they purchased is about an hour and 30 minutes away. If Anna remains in Arkansas, she’ll be about six hours from Josh’s prison.

Anna posted about visiting her sister recently, too, sparking further suspicion that she’s gearing up to move. Anna and Priscilla have remained close through everything that’s occurred with Josh, and some reports suggested Anna was also leaning on her family more than the Duggars through this difficult time.

Property records show Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar may have had plans to move

It seems Josh and Anna Duggar might have planned to move away from Josh’s parents prior to his arrest. According to The Sun, Anna purchased .272 acres of land under one of her LLCs, Ravenglass North. She made the purchase on April 22, 2021, and it included a 1,216-square-foot mobile home with one full bathroom and a wood deck attached. The couple allegedly purchased the mobile home and property for just $1.

Anna has a number of LLCs in her name — information that came to light after Josh’s arrest. Many Duggar family followers believed Anna opened LLCs to protect her and Josh’s assets. It’s unclear how much she uses them in 2022.

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