Anna Kendrick’s Wellness Secret Is a Herbaceous Spice

Actress and singer Anna Kendrick recently gave an interview in which she revealed the secret ingredient in her wellness routine. This special spice keeps Kendrick going and gives her the energy she needs to film huge hit movies like the famous Twilight Saga. So what is this mysterious ingredient that inspired Kendrick enough to talk about it in an interview?

Who is Anna Kendrick?

Kendrick is a 34-year-old Hollywood actress known for her versatility in films like the aforementioned Twilight Saga and popular Disney Plus Christmas movie “Noelle.” On top of acting, she has a beautiful singing voice, and she’s shown off her vocal cords for fans on the big screen more than once. 

She first dazzled fans with her singing chops in 2012’s smash hit musical comedy, Pitch Perfect, a role she followed up with the two other movies in the franchise. One of the songs she sings in the movie, “Cups,” even made the Top 10 Billboard charts.

Kendrick also sang and starred alongside Meryl Streep in the 2014 musical film Into the Woods. There’s no doubting that Kendrick has already achieved tremendous success in show business.

Kendrick doesn’t take wellness too seriously

In a recent interview with Shape magazine, Kendrick confessed that she tries not to take wellness too seriously.

“Every time I try something new, I’m like, I found it! I found the only workout I’ll ever need! Then I get so obsessed with it that I burn out and have to start over with something new,” she revealed.

The article states that Kendrick was a vegan for a couple of years and loved it before she “fell off the wagon super hard” and gave it up. It seems like Kendrick has a hard time keeping up with wellness routines just like the rest of us.

The actress shared that the most important thing in her life right now is not to find a strict exercise regime, but to infuse some playfulness into her life.

“A lot of my life over the last decade has been work, recover, work, recover. That doesn’t leave much room for anything else. That’s the mindset and the reality for a lot of people. You work and then recover so you can work some more. Putting some fun and silliness into my life is one of my goals,” she stated.

She does try to exercise in a way that works for her. Right now, she says, her go-to workout is hiking around her neighborhood in L.A. 

Kendrick is “powered by” this spice

Actress Anna Kendrick
Actress Anna Kendrick | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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However, that doesn’t mean Kendrick doesn’t think about her wellness at all. She shared with the magazine that one thing she’s found that’s really worked for her is ginger. “I am powered by ginger,” she stated, which gives us a clue as to how she’s had the stamina to build up such a powerful acting career.

In fact, the actress says she can barely live without the herbaceous root.

“If I’m traveling and I can’t have ginger, I’ll feel sick. There was a time when I was in Germany for three months and I couldn’t find a crushed-juice place. So I bought a juicer and a bunch of ginger to make it myself because I was positive it was the only thing keeping me alive,” she shared. 

It seems like ginger is really life-saving for Kendrick. She makes it easy to get her daily fix by always having it easily accessible to her in her house.

“I keep wellness shots of ginger, lemon, and cayenne from Pressed Juicery in my fridge,” she shared. Ginger is one thing in her wellness routine that Kendrick isn’t taking lightly!