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Most explore a home before they decide to buy it to make sure it’s a perfect fit. But when Anthony Mackie once explored his newfound abode, things took a turn for the worse when he fell from the house’s top floor. But the 8 Mile star found the sudden mishap as reason enough to purchase the property.

Why Anthony Mackie once bought this home after falling through the floor

Anthony Mackie posing in a suit
Anthony Mackie | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Mackie stopped by The Ellen Show, where Ellen DeGeneres mentioned how she and Mackie both like to renovate houses. During this exchange, Mackie explained the unusual circumstances that led to Mackie buying an old house.

“I bought this amazing 1865 Victorian Bed and Breakfast,” Mackie revealed. “I was hanging out with some friends, and we drove past this house and it had been vacant for two years. One of my best friends from middle school is a real estate agent now, so we get in, doing our ‘due diligence.’ And we go upstairs to the third floor, and I’m like ‘This is amazing.’ And I fall from the third floor all the way to the basement.”

Fortunately, Mackie wasn’t too hurt during the incident. But while lying on the ground, The Hurt Locker star had a revelation.

“And I look up and I’m covered in termites,” Mackie said. “I look at my friend on the third floor and I said, ‘This is my house.’ I gutted it, and made it into my house.”

Ellen quipped that he sued to get the house due to him falling through the floorboards. But even if Mackie wanted to sue them, the star asserted that it wouldn’t have mattered.

“Well, you know, technically we broke in, so I couldn’t sue,” Mackie noted. “But they gave me a really good price.”

Anthony Mackie once fell off of a roof


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Exploring his newfound Victorian home wasn’t the only time Mackie fell off the top of a house. There was an incident in Mackie’s younger years when he took a similar tumble, only this time it was from the roof. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, it was revealed that Mackie’s father had a roofing company. Every summer a young Mackie would work with his father to work on roofs.

But the first summer Mackie worked with his dad, The Falcoln and the Winter Soldier star wasn’t dressed for the part.

“So, the first summer, I put on my brand new Nikes,” Mackie shared. “And my dad wore like these seven-dollar Walgreens ninja shoes.”

People told Mackie it wasn’t a good idea to work on the roof while he was wearing Nikes. But Mackie insisted it wasn’t an issue.

“They’re Nikes, they’re good for anything,” Mackie reassured.

Mackie climbed up the house’s roof and started popping shingles. But while he was hard at work, one of his feet got caught on the shingles.

“I roll down the roof and literally, I’m flying for about three seconds. And I hit the ground so hard,” Mackie said. “And my dad comes over, ‘Boy, you alright?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ ‘I told you not to wear them damn Nikes.’ Then he took me to Walgreens and I bought some six-dollar ninja shoes.”

Anthony Mackie went dumspter diving to decorate his house

In the same interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Mackie revealed he had another interesting hobby in dumpster diving.

“You drive by, you see a dumpster. You know, circle back, make sure nobody’s looking. Go home, chill out, nighttime comes, you go back to that dumpster and just look around,” Mackie said, explaining the process. “One man’s trash, another man’s renovation.”

Mackie then explained all of the features he was able to add to his house simply by dumpster diving.

“All of my floors I got out of a dumpster. My entire bar, I built with wood that I got out of a dumpster from a broadway show,” Mackie said. “Yeah, and my bathtub, and my little guest situation – I got it out of a dumpster. It’s a really nice tub.”

Ellen wondered if it was illegal to take out all of this trash.

“We don’t talk about illegal,” Mackie quipped.